Groovy But Smoother Than Moves By VILLANOVA

Nas must have been a prophet, cuz that line from (the greatest song ever) “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” was 12 years early.

This post is spurred on mostly by the play of my new favorite pg (Kyle Lowry). If you’ve followed college ball for a minute now I’m almost a hundred percent sure you wanted to be a part of the 4-guard rotation that coach Jay Wright put out there every night up at Nova. From Foye, to Lowry, to Ray to Nardi. Brick City, Illadelph, The Boogie Down, and Somewhere in North Jersey.

Foye was the star player, big scorer, rebounder, n allat at 6’3″ but with the strength of a lot of 4’s in the Big East, he was often played at the big forward spot. Lowry was the fire starter, he was the engine that made the team go, running the point, grabbing boards and taking it to the cup with all the grit and strength that was Philly. Allan Ray had the ratchet, smooth as silk, flip his name around and you can picture his game. Nardi was the white boy, who did what white boys do, drain the trey, handle the rock and lock up, he looked out of place but trust me, he was right at home.

I’m a Georgetown fan but THIS was my all time favorite team. Maybe it was the heart, maybe it was the flash, maybe it was the confidence they played with I really don’t know but no team even comes close to those Wildcats, don’t know if another team ever will.



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