"Never Trust Grimy-Ass New Yorkers"

New York, the greatest city/place/region on God’s green earth without debate. The lights, the show, the fashion, the music, the opportunity; everything dope is everything New York, and no I’m not just saying this because I’m a wannabe New Yorker who lives right over that bridge in filthy New Joisey.
Anyways, seems as if a lot of people out there, basketball fans & players alike have gotten shit twisted about this city. Its nothing sweet here, its nothing easy, don’t let the gentrification fool you, its still pretty real out here, especially in the Garden
“It Ain’t For Everybody”-Jay-Z
Now Hov said that line in one of the most horrific songs he’s every created(“Hollywood” off of Kingdom Come) but that still doesn’t dilute the meaning & truth behind that bar. That shine, those city lights indeed ain’t for everybody man.
We’ve all seen what happened to A-Rod on the Yanks. Seems like the same is destined for this new look Knicks squad, Melo, Tyson Chandler, D’Antoni ect. 
You see, NY fans lured you n****s here thinking it’d be all love, on some renaissance shit, let’s bring the 90’s back. Ya’ll come visit, you see the money, you see the dominican women, you get the trash rap video cameos.
Shit is cool at first.
Now fast forward to today, Y’all are 2-3, and down 15 points to the Bobcats of Charlotte in the 4th quarter. The fans have quickly forgot that they ever wanted you to come here, the boo’s come every time out. I’m sure a random heckler in the stands has threatened to smash La La after the game or something of that nature.
“It Was All Good Just A Week Ago”-Jay-Z
The Bobcats are featuring a star studded 5 of DJ Augustine, Boris Diaw, BJ Mullens, DJ White, & Gerald Henderson. 
NY is sporting a 5 man team of Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Tony Douglas, & Maxine from Living Single(Billy Walker).
I think they’re down 15 or something now but my pops just abruptly turned it off to watch Meet The Browns re-runs. And whether they win or not doesn’t make this post any less factual than it already is. Cause its fact.
Every game is harder here, every home game is like an away game. Every team is coming in giving you their best shot, everybody watched Mike, everyone’s boyhood dream is to give the Knicks 40 in New York. Son, imagine how hard the other team playing if I know b***s like Yaris Sanchez roasting in the crowd? They be on twitter just like us regular folk, you think they not trying to shine for these hoes?
To conclude this rant, I wanna make it clear to these new found Knick fanatics who are currently baffled right now, that the Knicks struggles make perfect sense. Not just ANYBODY can make it here. Amare handled the light last season, he had the heart to sign in NY first, he was made for this city. However, Carmelo, Tyson, I’m not so convinced. And it hurts me to write this because I want my fellow light skin n****s to prosper. Melo, you can’t just be a scorer and be a hero here, you gotta do something else, as flashy as this city is, the flashy athletes are never made out to be the true heroes in this town. Ewing, Jeter, Starks, Mariano, all stars herald for the intangibles of their craft. 
You don’t got it brotha, or at least not yet, so far you N.O.R.E with a jump shot god, pull ya skirt down b.
The moral of the story leads us back to the title of this post, “Never Trust Grimy-Ass New Yorkers”. I know n****s said they loved you before, but a wise man on twitter once eloquently said “contradicting yourself is the #1 thing that real n****s do.” 

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