Now Trending (Vol. 3) Tattoos

I just finished working out, and inadvertently doing my ab workout next to two cougars on purpose at Planet Fitness and I have come to the realization that in order for me to really be all that I can be in the land of women in leggings, riding boots, and flat stomachs I have to get some tatts. I know that sounds shallow and getting tatts at this point pretty much means I’m “riding the wave” but Ima come up with some creative joints and at the least not put em on my neck. I’m tooooo fake brolic to not be tatted up according to what my mind is telling me.

If there were ever any group of individuals that you could look at to see the power of tattoos it would be NBA players. You would wanna start more so in the new millennium opposed to this


These are two tattoo’s that I actually remember seeing as a youth. Just an estimate but I would say roughly 10% of NBA player’s prior to the millennium had a single or multiple tattoo’s. Tat’s weren’t necessary back then. You wanted to be like Mike, not really Scottie or Smitty, and Mike had no tat’s just a baldy and an earring, remember how much you wanted both of those as a small kid? No way on earth Scottie and Smitty’s lonely tat’s were ever the topic of discussion amongst women. But the thing about tattoos back then was that they actually meant something, I know for a fact that Steve Smith’s tattoo was an ode to his mother and sister and he usually tapped it when he went to the FT line (where he was a career 85% shooter). Idk what Scottie’s meant but it had to mean something.

Two of the biggest stars in the NBA at the turn of the millennium, two players that we all looked up to and now look down upon. For many of us who grew up trying to perfect our jumpers on double rims these were the players who made us wanna ink our whole bodies up.

Just look at Marbury’s face, that face is the reason so many ppl I went to grade school with are locked up in prison. But that’s what it was, you had to create that bad boy image somehow some way. Compare Marbury to Kobe in this pic. Who really wanted to be like Kobe back then? An afro and zero tats, he just wasn’t a role model. He was many notches down from AI with the cornrows and fake full sleeves. Young impressionable minds such as mine had to have one of the two at the time, and since my moms a still try to beat me for getting tattoos I chose braids (of which I will never post a picture of myself with).


The irony…
I was a little older once Kobe got his tat’s and I was a little more rebellious too and I remember seeing my older cousin come to a family barbecue with a brand new tat on his arm so getting one was moving up on my list even though I was a smooth 5’7″ 127. But this kinda stopped me in my tracks, I had to reevaluate how I felt about tattoos, for one I hated Kobe and then he had a butterfly tattooed on his bicep. At that point in time I believed that tattoos had to be for the fa*****, and my attention then shifted back to making sure my Uptown’s stayed clean and crease free.
“When ya broke you can’t afford to f*** ya sneakers up” -Lloyd Banks


Fast forward a couple of years, I’m completely focused on going D3, meeting new chicks, and buying mad Polo’s. Tats ain’t really on my mind like that anymore. For a couple of years I didn’t even have a favorite player in the league and then that game versus Detroit happened and it sparked many things. For one I had a new favorite player and getting a tat was important again.

But it wasn’t just Bron getting tat’s it was all of the young rebel stars doing it. And they took the AI/Steph tats that extra mile by tatting their whole arms, backs n allat. What I’m sure of is that most of the tattoos these players have today mean absolutely nothing or have some fake cryptic meaning. Problem was I didn’t know where to start and I figured if I never made it to the league (which I was well aware I wouldn’t) I would look like retarded with a body full of tats so I deaded it there and got back to shooting a thousand jumpers a day in my mind while I abused my unlimited texts on white chicks.

But think about everyone you know with full sleeve tats or half sleeves and ask them what they want to be. I’m almost certain they wanna be an A&R, or a scout, probably still wanna play in the league, and most of em are posting a hulkshare link in your mentions right now because they wanna rap. This is the monster that these guys have created, Jay-Z don’t have tat’s and he’s the biggest influence on our era so it has to be the NBA players that did this.

Fast forward to today, I’m fresh out of college still working a struggle job and my supervisor at work is tatted up, drinks Henny, goes to the same bars I frequent, and creeps on the same women I do. Clearly the only thing that I’m missing in the whole getting supervisor money is the tattoos. In my mind this Swish Generation thing is going places. And if it’s going places it’s taking us along with it. And I’m gonna assume there’s gonna be women there, women of our day and age love tattoos, now if I get tattoos, keep this beard intact, get that supervisor/manager/CEO money, and keep making eye contact until she has to say something the sky is truly the limit for me. I just want to thank the likes of Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury and Lebron James for showing me the way.



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