EAST All-Star Game Reserves

I really had no clue the All Star Game was like 2 weeks away. That’s definitely the second worst thing about this lockout first is obviously the New York Knicks. That being said, the fans aka the ppl who shouldn’t vote for the starters have already spoken and chosen the first 10 players we will see on All Star Sunday. No need to recite the lineups, you could probably guess the teams without guessing. What makes the All Star Game fun is the bench players, and the matchups they offer, and there’s always that group of 3-5 snubs who are usually irate over not making the team.

As it is set up, the All Star Reserves feature: 3 guards, 3 forwards, and 1 fake center. But we ain’t the coaches and going against the grain is natural for us so here’s the next 7…

1st Guard: Deron Williams 20ppg, 8.6apg, 3rpg. Nets really the worst team I’ve watched play basketball this season. If it wasn’t for Deron and the beard they would def be winless, I’m completely sure of that. He deserves a chance to have some fun this year at least for a weekend because if you ain’t dealing with the Real Fake Young Housewives of New Jersey it’s really nothing there.

2nd Guard:

Jrue Holiday 14ppg, 5apg, 3rpg, 2spg. Brandon Jennings is putting up better numbers than Jrue this season, but somebody on the Sixers has to be rewarded with an All Star birth, maybe Lou Will, maybe Iggy, maybe Doug Collins. We really only going with Jrue cuz we told y’all to look out for him this past summer. And the murder rate in Philly would be astronomical if they don’t get someone in this game.

1st Forward: Chris Bosh 20ppg, 7.7rpg, 51%fg. His numbers haven’t improved all that much, if at all from a year ago but this year Bosh just seems to be more settled into his Horace Grant/Sean Elliott role. He makes the team for his performance minus Bron and D-Wavy vs the Hawks in 2OT this year.

2nd Forward: Paul Pierce 18ppg, 5.6rpg, 5.7apg(career high). I think it was Piru who compared his C’s to an old car, as in it takes a little longer to start up but once it gets going it drives like brand new. After a slow start the Celtics look like the Celtics we’ve come to love/hate over the past 5 years. Doc said it’s Rondo’s team, looking at what they did without Paul I think we all know who reigns king in Beantown.

3rd Forward:

Luol Deng 16ppg, 7rpg, 1spg. One of the few defenders who can truly guard LeBron James, the other one is the aforementioned Paul Pierce. Not having his best season statistically but the Bulls have earned a second All Star based on their performance the last 2 season’s, and with Boozer with the new found hairline and drawn on beard plus Noah losing minutes in clutch moments to Gibson and Asik you have to give this nod to Luol, easily the 3rd best SF in the East this year.

4th Forward: Josh Smith 15.5ppg, 8.8rpg, 3.2apg, 2bpg, 1.3spg. Joe Johnson is the highest paid player on the team but their best player this season has been J Smooth. He still can’t knock down a jumper consistently which will always be the demise of the Hawks but as usual he’s filling up the stat sheet night in and night out, hard not to put him in the game.


Center: Roy Hibbert 14ppg, 9.8rpg, 2bpg . An easy selection here. As a Georgetown fan I never would have thought Roy would ever perform at an All Star level even with the decline of the center position in the NBA. The Pacers have been as good as they can be this season, best player on the team isn’t so clear but the most valuable isn’t debatable.

Brandon Jennings: 19ppg, 5.6apg. Probably will make the game, WE snubbed him for Swish favorite Jrue Holiday. I personally think he can keep his OVOXO tee shirts in Milwaukee All Star Weekend but that’s me.

Jrue Holiday not doing this, n**** in Philly wouldn’t have that
Danny Granger: 18ppg, 5rpg. He’s also playing better than Carmelo Anthony in my opinion this season, just not enough space on the All Star Roster for him.
Joe Johnson: 18ppg, 4rpg, 3apg. Realistically he’ll make the team over Deron, but Joe adds zero excitement to the game and he’s overpaid, got me tight.
Rajon Rondo: 13.7ppg, 9.8apg, 2stls. If Rondo read this he’d prolly want to fight Deron Williams, Jrue and BJennings for having better individual seasons than him.
Amare Stoudemire: 18ppg, 8rpg. This is not what we paid for. Him and Melo haven’t meshed and he’s taken the bigger hit, either way no way he gets an All Star look this year.



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