WEST All-Star Reserves

1st Guard: Russell Westbrook 22ppg, 5.8apg, 5rpg, 4.2turnovers. For all of the s*** we talk about Russ night in and night out, the Thunder have the best record in the league and he got the dope contract extension, think he cares about what we’re saying. His assists are way down from a a season ago, which makes the Thunder’s championship aspirations seem not too viable. He also leads the league in turnovers, on the low those are a couple reasons that he shouldn’t be on this team but we have a glimmer of hope that Russell will get it together.

2nd Guard:

Kyle Lowry 15ppg, 8apg, 6rpg, 2spg. He’s become a sort of Rajon Rondo in the Western Conference. Has the ability to put up a triple double every night he sets foot on the court and has helped the Rockets become one of the early season surprises.

3rd Guard:

Steve Nash 15ppg, 10apg(league leader), 56%fg. Ppl are gonna hate this selection but look at the numbers. Was there any reason to believe that the Suns had any chance of making the Playoffs out West or even being in contention? 11-14 isn’t great but Nash has been nothing short of that. And when do you ever see someone rank in the top 5 in assists, AND fg percentage?

4th Guard: Tony Parker 18ppg, 7.7apg(career high). Has been the best player on the Spurs roster the past two seasons. This year he’s actually been better. Life after Eva Longoria ain’t as bad as it seems.

1st Forward:

Lamarcus Aldridge 23.7ppg, 8.6rpg, 3apg, 1spg, 1bpg. I deadass amped all of his numbers so he could look dumb nice. But I personally think he’s been the best PF in the NBA so far this season, not gonna get into an explanation as to why just take my word for it.

2nd Forward: Rudy Gay 18ppg, 6rpg, 2spg. I really don’t wanna put him on this team but the pickings at the forward position are slim so we give Rudy a chance to shine in Orlando.

Fake Center: Kevin Love 25ppg, 13.6rpg. We know what he’s done so far this season. Would like to see him and Blake on the court together on All Star Sunday.

Dirk Nowitzki: 17ppg, 6rpg. Would really like top reward Dirk with a spot in the game and realistically he’ll get the nod over Rudy Gay, but he doesn’t have the same fire in his eye this season, very content.
Pau Gasol: 16ppg, 10rpg. No way on earth they allow three Lakers onto this team. I’m not watching, or Ima just be real tight if they put Pau on the West bench.
Monta Ellis:22ppg, 6apg, 3rpg. I would have sworn Monta was averaging a smooth 25, since it’s only a mere 22 I don’ see him getting love, even though he’d be a great All Star Game player.
James Harden: 17ppg, 4rpg, 3apg. Usually the best team in the league gets three players in the All Star game, he would be the third player on the Thunder, he has a legit shot but I don’t think he’s earned it in many coaches eye’s.



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