Who Is Jeremy Lin?

I fell out the sky like baby Superman to a farm on Kansas” – Jay Electronica

Well in this case, J Lin fell out the sky and landed in the world’s most famous arena in the heart of downtown Manhattan. The basketball gods have blessed the New York Knicks with a golden child at point guard(no pun intended just because he’s asian). He’s had 2 starts, 3 games with over 30 minutes played, and is averaging over 20 points and 7 assists so far. His list of victims have the likes of Deron Williams & John Wall. I still can’t really believe this is all happening, but apparently he was ill in college too, according to this highlight mix. Anyways, peep, listen, and enjoy the styles of the asian Jesus Shuttlesworth, Linsanity, Jeremy Lin. Another Swish production.

Like the song? Link Below

Download: WALT FRAZE-I Represent The Ark~The Vanilla Dutch Era
Hosted by our very own Swish Van Exel



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