D’Antoni Diagnosis the Lin-Sanity

DISCLAIMER: Lets be clear from the jump…..being critical is NOT hating, paying homage is NOT d*ck riding,  and those wings over laid over top that fried rice you ate for lunch today still is indeed NOT chicken.
That being said, let’s give credit where it is due, Jeremy Lin, as far as we can see is no fluke. There is no such thing as a “lucky” 38 points. You can’t “fake” a 5 game win streak with your two leading scorers on the sidelines in street clothes. The affect he’s had on the game is real, the improved play of his teammates has to be directly attributed to his presence & decision making with the ball in his hands. He’s a problem right now, clearly.

(Click the pic) Smh I see no chill on the horizon
BUT, where I have to halt all the praise, and all the fanatical optimism from Knick fans & all my Asian brothas around the world, is that he is some phenom that we’ve all been blind to. That he’s some golden child, that everyone scouted his pro potential incorrectly. Nah. That’s not the case, he is what he is.
The for lack of a better and less cheesy word “Linsanity” that has overcome the spots world has blinded us from the prime factor of why he’s playing this way. Which is the Mike D’Antoni effect. Yeah, D’Antoni, that same guy who all Knick fans wanted out on the first plane back to Sicily. It’s him, New York’s struggles made us forget that he’s quite possibly the best point guard coach in the history of the game.
D’Antoni, the coach that took an “above average” NBA point guard(at the time) in Steve Nash, brought him to Phoenix where he becomes the first back to back MVP at the point guard position since Magic Johnson. In Dallas Nash hovered around 16ppg & 7 dimes a night, versus his first 4 years under D’Antoni where he averaged around 17ppg & 11 assists, all that while shooting over 50% from the field, highest of his career. Let’s also not forget that the pre-Melo era last year, D’Antoni had Raymond Felton just a few votes away from his first All-Star bid, and the best season of his career thus far.
Coincidence? Was it coincidence that the dorm room Jesus walked into had two playmates ready & waiting for the soul pole?

Of course not. This was all premeditated. I know, the numbers are historic, but understand Lin is playing in a offense set up for him to make every single play for his team(granted he is making them) Imagine the numbers Deron would do in this same system? CP3? Even a kid like Ricky Rubio.

I’m going to close this by asking you to refer back to the disclaimer at the very beginning of this, critiquing is NOT hate. Son is nice, I totally endorse his game. But ya’ll have to be high off the finest of crack(RIP Whitney) to believe that he’s a superstar in the making.

I hope I don’t loose any of my Asian friends off this post. “It’s just my thoughts, just how I’m feeling at the time na mean” As for any other race of Knick fan I could care less bout your feelings & opinions, it is what it is. Ya’ll be easy out there though, it’s Valentines Day, make sure none of your side chicks get a chance to slash your tires, or burn those galaxy foamposties you just copped instead of that gift basket rom 1-800 Flowers. That shipping charge is so stressful bruh, trust me.

R.I.P to Toney Douglas



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