Box Out Drills: Suki Hana Edition

On the humble this dude Jeremy Lin turned Black History month into Asian Appreciation week, and I’m not mad at it whatsoever. This whole Lincredible saga made me sit back for a moment and appreciate Asian contributions to culture. I love oriental food, I also have a deep love for their women as well, all of them. Except the one that answers the phone at your local chinese spot and habitually forgets to add the extra duck sauce.
But yeah, here’s a few of the dopiest Asian women known to man, Swish approved.
1. Jhene Aiko – Beautiful voice, & face. Top in the game right now no debates
2. Asa Akira – Adult film star, very charismatic actress
3. Lucy Liu – She’s a pioneer of the Asian zing, she’s a classic, and on the low she was the livest chick in Charlie’s Angels
3A. Angela Yee – Love Ha, she’ll be #2 in a year
3B. Miss Info – Her face isn’t too live but her voice sounds so lovely on the radio
4. Devon Aoki – Chick from Fast & The Furious, we all need to Tokyo Drift at least once
Ava Devine – Her face might look a lil crazy but put this name in your search bar next time you go do what you do, trust me bruh

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