Melo-Drama 2: Available on Super Lintendo this Friday ft. Jus Swayze @FavLett3rsGQ

Disclaimer: this article will not blame Melo for the TOTAL fall of my Beloved Knickerbockers but will crucify him for the things he did f*** up on just because that’s what we do here in NY.

6GameLosingStreak (Really 11 because beating the Bobcats and Detroit don’t count): Invisible/AAU Coaching (does D’antoni really ever coach?), Melo at the 1-2-3-4 and 5, Amare playing his best D-League ball for the Idaho Stampede and No Marlon cameos from “The 6th Man”

Result= Injured Melo plays one on 5 w/ the whole league + builds new tenement “The Anthony Houses” in Red Hook w/ leftover bricks and associates w/ former drug dealers on hood Dvd’s: L,L,L,L,L,L,W,L,L,L,W,L,L

3 things that irked me about this streak of LoudPacks: (1) The grit-out-wins ability that Melo once had but has recently lost. (2) A groin injury? Personally I would be stretching my groin atleast twice-a-day in the coveted pleasure zones of Ms.Vasquez. This leads me to believe that something ain’t right w/ the yam habits of the Melo man. The fact that she’s been frequenting the 305 lately and has been spotted w/ 2 SpanishLesbians and Trina (yall know all spanish chicks are bi at the VERY least) ain’t a good look either (This reality show s**t is out of hand).

And #3 That FakeClutch attempt at the end verse Chi-Town. This MF’er looked like he ain’t even care if it went in na f*** that I’m mad yo.

“Half these niggas wanna be the man just because”

Now w/ the Super Lintendo Gaming System hitting courts 7-games ago

New York has the CanalStreetVersion of Steve Nash catching more rec than those Fila Pradas in 03′ (Frosh Year at Loughlin we seen yall throwin the whole pants cuff over those.) It’s time to dust off that MeloDrama2 Cartridge and get to work. Remember that reset button can get pushed at anytime. LaLa knows what she has to do and the circumstances are set for a come back. Contrary to popular belief the Melo man WILL “work” (I mean do things besides scoring) because he’ll be assigned back to his regular duties and slightly more (peep the assist game getting better word to the dime he impregnated). We all know the best defense is offense for the gawd. He can’t be the savior, he can’t be the whole team, but if they keep working we may have conference finals run coming. People don’t get a second chance in New York but one has been given to him, the stage is set…….

All Praises Due to the SwishGawds…..Aight WATER

This ya man Jus AKA PatrickSwishy AKA TheArtistFormelyKnownAsSwishy AKA TheYahmeannKing AKA OnlyBuiltForMovingSwish reporting live from The Mecca of this shyt. Word up.



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