Now Trending (Vol. 4) Baldys

The game of basketball remains more mental than physical. More players than not are superstitious in one way or another. Thus far we’ve touched on the pitfalls of the high sock and mohawk, and the glory of the tattoo. We are going to touch on what is obviously the biggest superstition of them all in the league.

The bald head. It seems to be a natural progression of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding peace to the Nation and the athlete once known as Lew Alcindor

Quite possibly the greatest winner in the history of the sport with the most un-guardable move to match. That being said, there’s no way to harp on about how going bald lead to rings for him (being that he did snatch one with the Big O while rocking the fro in Milwaukee), but no one remembers Lew Alcindor, we all talk about Kareem and Magic, Magic and Kareem, no one wants to be affiliated with afro’s, I know I don’t. The bald head took Kareem from a great player to what many people consider the greatest center ever, one ring with a fro, 5 more with a baldy.

Obviously, we can’t talk bald heads without talking about the most popular bald head ever (pause that for some odd reason). The reason I was 4 years old and crying for a baldy, probably the reason that Power U film stars such as Mr. Marcus, and Lex Steele don baldys and fornicate with the most beautiful of women today.

No need to list accolades or overstate his impact/influence on the game and your “swag”. This is the 6 Ring King, the real Mr. Basketball.

Now do u remember this guy?

Look at this him. Same dude who couldn’t conquer the defense of Dennis Rodman and Joe Dumars. Did he have all the talent in the world? Did he have MVP’s? Was he larger than life? Were there millions of ppl who said he’d never win a ring? The answer is a resounding YES. What changed? No Spike, it wasn’t the shoes, it wasn’t the teammates, maybe it was the coach to an extent. He let go of that little bit of youth on top of his head, and went on to never lose another playoff series.

That brings us to the present day superstar who should go bald. This is a man’s game and in order to win you must let go of your youth, Michael did it and became the greatest, Lebron you got next!

See everything was gucci at this point, he was still young, the waves were still integral, he had to enjoy his playoff-less summer and pursue box, we were proud of this fella.

Now this was 07, he was still young, but he had become a prodigy and his headband “began to show signs” (Marv Albert voice) we didn’t really pick up on it, Tim Duncan did though, that’s why he dismissed Lebron in 4 games flat.

Then there’s this effort. The most disappointing individual performance in Finals history. You can say it was because he didn’t hit the block, he couldn’t escape The Matrix, he wasn’t clutch, but in my eyes it all came down to the receding headband. I’m completely sure that if he let go of the hair he would have drawn some more fouls. The wisdom that comes along with the baldy would have told Lebron to shoot more, he would have had the knowledge to know not to celebrate a victory before the game (see Game 2 collapse) was over.

Stars Who Hung Onto Their Hair Too Long

This is the Mailman circa 97, look at his hairline, there was no reason to try to hang onto his youth, he should have made the mature decision. This was the year he earned a trip to the Finals vs Jordan, Malone was MVP this season, he was the best power forward in the league, and it didn’t mean anything, that slight bit of hair held him back.

This is a shell of the Mailman, in 04 well past his prime and striking out for a 3rd time in the NBA Finals. He finally cut it off, sadly it was too late.

We all may not remember the Mailman in his prime, but we all knew Reggie, we all saw this block. Reggie wasn’t living right, you can’t try to be young with the haircut game but not match it to your athleticism. The light caesar says dunk, his body says you should have went bald, thus allowing Tayshaun Prince to track him down and send the Pistons to the Finals.

These two moves hurt my soul. It hurt cuz we let him go but looking back on it Patrick was 38 with a full afro, that hurts too. Again, Pat was hanging on too long to his youth, a simply caesar in the land of the dark caesar would have lead him to a ring, he really was still in the early 90s in 98 with the high top fade.

Lebron should actually read this, it may help him more than that fake post game will come June. He may be living in fear of looking like this.

Truthfully I would too, but look at Delroy, West Indian Archie, the pops from Crooklyn, he’s a great actor because of the strength and valor of the baldy, would we have taken Rodney Little (see Clockers) serious as an OG with a receding hairline? I highly doubt it. It’s been written on here before, it will be written again, Lebron cut the hair and the world is yours.

Why the Bulls won’t win this year



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