All-Swish Weekend

Sorry I been on hiatus and allat, six weeks of no classes, cognac, ping-pong, and dirty 7s will derail any man. But I’m back like I left my car keys. My swish bros been blessing y’all as well the guest spots but enough of that let’s check in real quick before all star weekend. New predictions, awards, and things we could care less about.

Bias Predictions

MVP: Hairline

MIP: Ryan Anderson or Mr. Steal yo Girl Jeremy Lin

My G @One_Deep_Rich said he heard some chick refer to him as “Lightskin” and not “Asian” yea keep @bk_da_skeet_man and @clobberedchan away from your main piece right now

Coach of the Year:
Doug Collins

Sixth Man of the Year:
Beard Harden

Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard (insert Zs here) hopefully Serge make a strong case though

ROY: Kyrie Irving, he’s the pride of NJ guards he’s what we’ve been waiting for RIP to the GOAT C Fish

I could care less about this All-Star break too. Dunk Contest bought to be baby doo doo. I’m rooting for Anthony Morrow especially since he’s honoring Drazen Petrovic. Shaq vs Charles game probably going to be the highlight of this weekend.

Let’s not forget the GREATEST all-star game ever



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