Why The Dunk Contest Was Trash

Imagine how Lebron’s barber feels when he has to keep lining up hair that’s not there.
The game done changed bruh, we just witnessed the worst dunk contest in the history of man, plus Lebron & Dwayne were on the sidelines with bifocals on with no prescription. I searched my memory for answers last night and had time to carefully reflect on the past as well as the present. And I’ve concluded that the major difference in the great dunk contests of the past compared to that fresh dog sh*t we saw last night can be found in this picture above. Lebron thinks he got on a sophisticated motorcycle jacket, Dwayne is worth well over 100 million and has beads hanging from his neck. Neither of them has prescriptions for those glasses, and Lebron still won’t let that hairline go.
I remember a time at All Star weekend crowd was mad official, when all the stars just copped the fresh baldy, and weren’t too hollywood
Everybody real icey,  they was so humble they didn’t even need seats. Chris Webber kept it thorough and threw on the Champion set, Queens lost cause it looks like Lamar has on velvet in the back though
Shaq with the husky cross, skully. Light

I remember a time when dudes weren’t too hollywood to be hype in the crowd
I remember Dikembe
Smh I remember how amped Junkyard Dog used to be
This was equivalent to having DMX as your hype man now Bron & Dwayne more like Wiz Khalifa 

I even remember when the R&B chicks showed love
Kobe had Moesha so hype in that crowd, she was the original aspiring Basketball Wife

I was in the crowd chilling with my son Bobby Sura after he won the 3pt contest, circa 2000 

So yea, the crowd was trash this year, not only are today’s superstars too hollywood to participate in the events, but they come through so trash on the sidelines that it effects the play on the court. That, combined with the fact that Flo-Rida performed right before the contest, I just knew it was going to be no good. Swish is from that AND 1 mixtape era bruh, that “My Brother & Me” era, when you changed the channel to “NBA Inside Stuff” after “Recess” on Saturday Mornings. We’ve got to bring the real back to All Star weekend.

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