The Triangle Offense (Pt. 1)

Aight so this thought was inspired by some recent events that transpired with a close brother of ours, my son got hit with a reoccurring problem that has plagued the male race for generations, and seems to be increasingly prevalent in the present era. The topic in question is the godforsaken “Cockblock”. We all know that one bitter, male hating friend that won’t let her friends to catch the soul pole because SHE’S not getting any love. That sh*t is wild frustrating fam, I know. 
But luckily, bagging pros and getting buckets is essentially the same thing. You can devise a offensive strategy to defeat any defense/cockblock put in front of you. All you gotta do is compile a strong team, set screens, share the rock, and hit shooters when they’re open, and you’ll never have to be victim to a blocking b*** ever again gods. So pay attention to this alley-oop off the glass we’re throwing to the masses right now, its getting warm out, and its nothing worse than blue balls in the spring. This is what is known as The Triangle Offense.
Dawgs I know for a fact the Triangle works, Mike, Scottie, Shaq, & Kobe ran it for years. But most of all what ya’ll have to study and understand is how Martin and his comrades ran it in the 90’s television.
Son, Pam was one of the most fearsome and talented c-blocks in the history of the game. Mainly because she looked so good, so it was hard to identify her true intentions. Her insults were second to none, and her ability to pop up uninvited at the crib was impeccable. Martin would never bagged Gina if Tommy & Cole didn’t play their roles in the Triangle to perfection. In the early seasons Cole set mad screens on Pam for Martin to go at Gina 1 on 1, and then once the defense loosened up Tommy knocked down the open jumper and snagged Pam himself. Flawless execution. 
But peep, Pam is only one example, and one type of block that you’ll encounter. Every situation is different, you got to be able to adapt n’ allat. Here’s some common cases
The Prototypical Out of Place Friend….she goes out every weekend and gets mad EVERY single time that her friends get all the attention…These types might possibly have years full of scorn built up, look for this block to be on deck after that first Cranberry & Vodka you buy her pretty friend.
Little Big Sister…you not getting on unless she gets put on, and she might fight you during the process.
Micro Braids…she’s mad because her friend you talking to bought the weave that she wanted first.
And here we see Deena from Joisey Sure, playing the all too familiar role of the blocking chick you slept with last week…no way she’s letting you get new money right in front of her face.
C-blocks also come in some other forms which we’ll briefly touch upon….
Gay Friends….dudes stuck in the Friend Zone are just as bad
Aight family I’m going to halt it right there for now, fully absorb what has been said. In part 2 I’ll give you insight into what type of players you need to recruit to build a team that can get buckets vs. any defensive hoe that may come your way. 

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