The Triangle Offense (Pt. 2)

Yes my n***s, it could get as real in the field as pictured above if you pass, cut, and finish at the basket correctly. Phil Jackson always said that in the Triangle there were no set plays, everything was reactive based on the situation. Therefore you need to have reliable, selfless, and interchangeable pieces on your roster to play their positions.

All you need is 3 men at a time to run the Triangle effectively on any given night in the streets, but ideally this the type of players you want at your disposal.
Lead Guards That Create Off The Dribble
This is that vintage Swish Van Exel & Derek Swisher right here god, as you can see from the pic we play a unselfishl game. You need backcourt players that aren’t afraid of the limelight, but still humble enough to just run the offense and wait for shots to come to them. Me personally, I’ve made game winners, took charges, and even sat the bench sometimes all for the good of the team. Van Ex is that dude who can always create something off the bounce when the defense has the team stifled. He got jokes & convo starters for even the most notorious cockblocks we’ve ever come across. You feel me? Drive, kick, confuse that cockblocking b****, and take the box from her when its open.
The Role Player Who Does All The Dirty Work
Right here we got the god Swish Fox, perfect intangible player, a la Rick Fox(hence the name), Shawn Marion, or Gerald Wallace. If it wasn’t for this man we wouldn’t have posted as many wins as we did throughout our 4 years of undergrad life. He played hard every game, sets wild screens, rebounded, and created his own offense without plays being run for him. Sometimes you’re going to need a dude to run the pick & roll with you when you spot a live chick with her strong faced friend. This is that guy, every squad needs one.
The Volume Shooter
This is my son JR Swish right here, getting money, enjoying life with the companionship of white women. The alias JR Swish is very intentional because he moves just like his counterpart from the Knicks. This type of player is wild, unpredictable, gets a lot of buckets, but needs a lot of shots to get his. But you need that on your squad to make it explosive. Yea he shoots a lot, but he also will jump into any situation, recklessly buy drinks, fake thirst, and do whatever it takes to get your targeted group of females as open & read as possible. You just have to make sure your veteran guard keep him in check with the team concept.
The One on One Scorer
Yea man, sometimes when everything breaks down you need that dude that you swing the rock to and just clear out, hope he takes you to victory. This is what we counted on the god Swish Smits to do throughout our careers. This is the star of the Triangle, but as the focal point of the offense he understands when to kick it out to myself or Van Ex for the jimmy. He knows when to give it to Swish Fox cutting to the rim, and every now and then he’ll stand by and just let JR Swish wild the f*** out. A lot of times if your go to scorer is real enough, the cockblock will go double team him off jump cause she knows he’s scheming. But its simple math, when the double team comes, that means there is an open lane to the box. Just step up and swish.
….all else fails it also doesn’t hurt to have a Jeremy Lin on the squad either bruh
So yea man, this is an alley-oop off the glass if there ever was one. Cam’ron said “In Chi I’m Mike, Boston I’m Kenny, Miami I’m Timmy, Phoenix I’m Penny” so that means you just gotta step up when your number is called feel me. Soak up the fake wisdom here, its just in time, the weather is getting nice, ya’ll gotta stop getting cockblocked man. We too grown, and blue balls gotta feel the absolute worst during romper/sundress season. Swish just wants ya’ll to be out here this spring. So go out, do work, and just make sure she takes her birth control pill the next morning. You already know the slogan…

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