Music Review: Mercy

Obviously we got a thing for rap music just as much as we do for hoop. That being said we just wanna touch on some of the music that we’re being blessed/tortured with today.

The characters that put this song together (Big Sean, Pusha T, Kanye, and 2 Chainz) are some of the top “radio rappers” in 2012, sad to say. For comparison’s sake we’ll compare a single to a one game performance. A la “Marvin’s Room” despite all the faggotry involved was a Kobe Bryant 50 point masterpiece.

Here’s the song

This song breaks down beautifully, 4 rappers, 4 quarters. These are the some of the hottest rappers out now, flaws (many of em) and all so we’ll compare em to Russell Westbrook.

1st Quarter: “Drop it to the floor make that a@@ shake/whoa, make the ground move that’s an a@@quake/built a house up on that a@@ that’s an a@@tate/roll my weed on it, that’s an a@@tray” -Big Sean. Russ picked up two quick fouls and was sent to the bench for James Harden. The whole verse scores 3 points out of a max 12. Terrible.

2nd Quarter: “2-door preference/roof gone, George Jefferson/that white frost on that pound cake so yo Duncan Hines is irrelevant” -Pusha T. Much better quarter for Russ. We’ve come to expect good-great verses from Pusha when he’s on a track with other “all-stars” (all-stars in quotations)and he gives us a good one, but we’ve heard so much better. 8 points.

3rd Quarter: “Let the suicide doors up/I threw suicides on the tour bus/I threw suicides on a private jet/u know what that mean? I’m fly to death” -Kanye West. Well what does throwing suicides on the tour bus mean? I might have reached to down play this verse but whatever. I ain’t listen to the song till this morning, I let the hype simmer down a lil bit, I saw ppl say Ye got washed, Ye had the third best verse n allat. Overall this verse is actually what you’ve come to expect from Kanye, a lot of bragging and extravagant talking over some weird dub step beat (idk if that beat was even dubstep, idk what dubstep is, but I’m just gonna call it that). Based on that I can’t say his verse was all that wack since many of us don’t see Ye as that dope of a “rapper” anymore. 8 points.

4th Quarter: “Ok now catch up (ketchup) to my campaign/coupe da color of mayonnaise/drunk and high at the same time/drinking champagne on a airplane” -2 Chainz. I’m sure that there’s so many ppl that think this couple of bars is so fire, I’m gonna nominate it as Russ’s nice two hand tomahawk banger. Cool Story Chainz. Y’all really love this 2 Chained fella, and mad ppl were raving about this verse, as much as I feel inclined to get it outta here I can’t. It wasn’t wack, and it def wasn’t his worst. All in all i’ll give it the slight upperhand on this song. 9 points.

Adding up the totals this was still a solid game for Russ 28 points. This is a volume song, meaning one Ima wanna turn the volume down and/or turn the station when it comes on, and 2 there were a lot of wasted bars/in basketball terms “shots” put up in this effort. This is a radio song, nothing more nothing less. A 28 point performance from Russ is good money, not head turning but you’ll peep a couple of the highlights in the game.


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