Box Out Drills: 10 Lustiest Women of ESPN

One thing ESPN is always good for is putting some tenderonis on those sidelines to get the post game interviews. If I just dropped 40 and I’m wild sweaty, and one of these chicks comes up to me smelling like fresh baked goods I’m trying to slide off immediately.

Anyways, here’s our top 10, only requirement is that they had to cover basketball in some way shape or form.

10. Sage Steele
Sage is really pretty, could be higher, but she wild corny though. Here turtle neck trash but she looks kinda how I picture my baby moms looking at 40, so she locked in at 10.
9. Hannah Storm
Hannah is a vet in the game, she’s the last person male or female left from the NBA on NBC Era. She’s entering the milf stages of her career but I can tell she been on that elliptical machine heavy so she’s gucci.
8. Lisa Salters
One time for the nubians, she be out there with that mic so faithfully getting sweated on by D Wade with a smile on her face. Plus if you drunk and squint real hard she fake look like Stacy Dash.
7. Jill Martin
A lot of ya’ll don’t have the pleasure of getting MSG where you live so I’m going to share this gem till she gets full-time spin on ESPN. Jill Martin covers the Knicks, she’s got the husky chest muscles and she likes rap music. The way she’s so comfortable around Mike in this picture below shows you how she give it up.
6. Colleen Dominguez 
Had to get at least one latina on this list. She’s the picture perfect cougar, only thing trash is she doesn’t have the spanish accent and allat but I’ll let her cook for the moment cause she’s thirst to the max for the soul pole.
5. Sarah Palin
Yea I know Sarah P wasn’t on ESPN but fuck it, once upon a time before the Republican popped a molly and chose McCain’s running mate, Mrs. Palin was a sportscaster up in Alaska. And its a well known fact that Glen Rice stretched it out after she covered a Michigan University game in the 80s.
4. Michelle Beadle
This was a tough decision to have my baby Michelle come in 3rd, I might be wilding cause she pretty flawless. She holds it down on Sports Nation every weekday afternoon with that herb Collin Cowherd. I know she waiting just patiently for a real nigga to come and be her co host, we going to get her to do a guest blog for us soon.
3. Pam Oliver
Pam is a brick house fam, she like the Serena Williams of sportscaster bitches minus the steroids. She wild thick but not that one twinkie away thick, reasonably thick. Her weave is always on point, plus she look like her macaroni & cheese is on the money, I need that in my life. If its husk in the Tru’s you know that thing real.
2. Erin Andrews
Erin the God really pioneered this whole good looking sportscaster wave.
As legendary as she is, she has been dethroned as the baddest chick on the ESPN roster. Still love her though.
1. Molly Querim
Yea nah I know ya’ll don’t know who this is, deadass neither do I but when I find her twitter I’m throwing the full court press on her mentions. Wikipedia said she used to be a sideline reporter during March Madness so that was enough for me. ESPN mighta got me and just hologramed Kim K I don’t know bruh. Might be typos in this cause I didn’t stop staring at her face this whole time. 



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