OKC vs Spurs Preview

Playoffs have been relatively wack thus far, but I’ve got a feeling this years West Finals are about to be extra official. Its a battle of the old school vs the new. The Spurs have won 19 straight, and OKC has ran through the past 2 NBA champions with ease in the first 2 rounds. Essentially we’ve got the best 2 teams in the conference (really the league) matching up for the rights to go to the Finals. Seems like the Spurs are the overwhelming favorite according to ESPN & my twitter TL, and I”ll explain to you why that is completely 100% false.
First off I’ll say what most great hoops minds know, and that is that San Antonio would have gotten WASHED by the Grizzlies had they met in Round 2. I don’t mean to speak in “what-if’s” but that’s real. The playoffs are all about match ups, and the Spurs pretty much faced 2 teams(Jazz & Clippers) that couldn’t fuck with them, and didn’t pose a threat style wise. So that 8-0 record is irrelevant to me.
Alota ya’ll been out there calling Tony Parker the best point guard in this National Basketball Association. Blasphemous. Alota ya’ll out there been acting like Tim Duncan hasn’t been washed for 2 years. Debatable. And alota ya’ll out here acting like their starting 2guard Danny Green wasn’t the same nigga getting light in the Cavs huddle before games just 2 years prior. This is with whom ya’ll wish to place your faith?

So to keep it brief, you tell me….Whose going to that dude who lead the league in buckets 3 consecutive years named Kev Durant? Nah scratch that, whose going to even CONTAIN him, rookie Kawai Leonard? Who do they go to at the 1 if Westbrook gets Tony Parker in foul trouble, Gary fuckin Neal b!? Really? Boris Diaw is keeping Ibaka off the O-Boards too? Let’s not even mention how Kendrick Perkins neutralized Bynum in LA, I’m supposed to believe that he can’t check 47 year old Tim Duncan? And  I said all that without even mentioning Harden.


Series MVP : Kevin Durant – Point blank, the Spurs have nobody who can touch him. He just came off 2 series of being checked by 2 elite defenders Shawn Marion and Indiana Ron. I know he can’t wait to get that ball on the wing and see Kawai Leonard braids in front of him, and a Steve Jackson past his prime.

Stephen Jackson
Key Players: Captain Jax & Derek Fisher – I got a feeling each of these old heads can have a strong effect on which way the tides go. They still have nightmares of Uncle Fish in San Antonio from that game winner he made in 03′, and if he can make timely open jumpers that he gets off KD/Westbrook/Harden in this series, its quiet time for the Spurs. Steve Jax coming off the bench for San Antonio can possibly make me look foolish for writing them off. If we see vintage Steve Jax off the pine for the Spurs they probably will take this one.

Most Over-Hyped Matchup: Westbrook vs Tony Parker – Naturally, the best head to head matchup in this series is the two great point guards on either side. The reason this is overhyped is because you probably won’t see them matched up at all this series. The last time they played, TP gave Russ 43 & 9. Scott Brooks is no idiot, so expect Thabo to check Tony for most of the series. And since the Spurs can’t afford to tire TP out or get him in foul trouble, look for Danny Green, and Gary Neal to be on Russ.

Surprise of the Series: Thabo Sefolosha – In a OKC win (which I’m assuming) that means Thabo did a great job in containing Tony Parker. His length(Pause) should bother Toney somewhat. Plus he’s going to get a lot of open shots since the Spurs will key in on the stars. Sefolosha has a chance to shine.

Most Important Match Up: Scott Brooks vs. Greg Popovich – I think the only way the Thunder lose this series is if Scott Brooks gets out coached by Coach Pop. And thats a very strong possibility. Without Phil on the sidelines, Popovich is the best coach in the league. Brooks is good, but in a long series of adjustments he really can’t touch Popovich.

Style Wars : 1 on 1 vs. Ball Movement – The Spurs were so good this year because of the way they can spread the floor, shoot the ball, drive, & kick. For as much slander as I’ve thrown at them in this post, they’re probably one of the best passing teams I’ve ever seen. Thats partly why I don’t fuck with them, my son said they play like 2K teams when you put the difficulty on Hall of Fame, that shit was so accurate. OKC plays a iso/pick & roll type game, which the refs have been more favorable too in these playoffs. Durant, Westbrook, & Harden basically get to the line at will, which is their biggest advantage.

Aight so the experts say….

Boakim Noah – “OKC in 7”

Swish Van Exel – “OKC in 6, if not Spurs in 7”

Swish Smits – “Spurs in 6…..Tim > Kobe”

Derek Swisher – “OKC in 5 cause every team my Lakers lost to in the past 4 years ended up winning the chip”

Game 1 – Spurs / Game 2- OKC / Game 3 – OKC / Game 4 – OKC / Game 5 – OKC



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