Garbage Minutes

Play this while you read so you understand …

I aint blogged since Kim K was tryna throw the J. Lin the box. My pool party failed, I need a shapeup and I’m confined to Delaware this summer. You should see the stress on my face as I publish this post. The conference finals looking more than rigged. Fear the Beard the best player to watch in these playoffs right now. Bron still Bron smh. But I’m in shape and the oalies recognize so #RespectMyHandle. My finals prediction? I’m not too sure because the refs, home court advantage and the puppet masters are controlling this series bruh. I’m a say OKC vs. MIA and I gotta see at least game 1 to make a clear prediction on that.

On my Amazon wishlist

Summer back, Swish back, and disrespect back … Swishhhhhh


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