Summer Hoops PSA for the Ladies

Summer anthems back, spin this …

This usually a Swish Smits (@SG_Sharif) topic but it’s sunny outside and I’m up liking pics on Instagram. Summer League games whether you playing or watching its gon be oalies on the sidelines clapping for somebody. I’m in Delaware where the competition is minimal so I’m suited up for these games locking up every PG who girl lookin aight. Due to the social media I feel like every region has the potential to yop this summer so I’m tryna give the ladies the proper the tips to be on point at these games. It doesn’t matter if its Sunday pick-up or a Wednesday evening game you have to be at the courts lookin right. Let’s get to it …

1. Retire the old navy flip-flop. Those for the house and grocery store runs and if you plan wearing them with a real outfit ex my blog out please.

2. Keep the toes done. Swish-explanatory.

3. If you gotta boyfriend, a swingman, or you came to watch somebody play, do just that. Don’t be on the sidelines throwing horny spectators flavor or giving other dudes “ohs” and “ahs”. Whoever playing gon see you on the sidelines acting up and start bricking. Be a pro on Friday night not on gameday, that might get you choked.

4. These are summer league games, not the NBA sweetheart, we cheering for highlight plays not hustle plays. This includes crossovers, contested jumpers, dunks and any other embarrassing moments.

5. If you single, we definitely come to play for y’all. I’m in warmups mad cool tryna hit every jumper. Chicks keep the shade on but I know you see me. Give me a good “Woooo!” when I clap the trey off the hezi so I can come talk to you after the game. If the game is too live for me to be playing in and I’m spectating, let me just get ya twitter and the minor exchange so I can get back to the game and tweet you later when I’m drunk. Lastly, we just need you to be on the sidelines lookin regular live.

We don’t need the heel but this is fine for the games otherwise


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