Finals Viewing Guidelines

As the best time of the year dwindles down we at Swish are gonna drop a couple NBA Finals viewing gems on the masses. Whilst watching the Finals of the National Basketball Association there are a couple of things that will inevitably make your Finals watching experience a lot better:

1. Well I guess it’s common sense at this point but get a Twitter acct. Whether you’re following regular swishas,  or the Chris Broussard’s, Michael Smith’s, Bomani Jones’, Skip Bayless’ or even some other cool athletes, watching the game and tweeting during it is half the fun. Also having a Twitter acct is vital if you’re at work during the game and can’t watch it. Twitter will keep u updated with play-by-play analysis, random photos, Kobe and MJ comparisons, and inevitable LeBron slander from beginning to end.

2. Place bets, especially if you’re dealing with a female. We know a woman’s sports knowledge (unless she plays sports and then why would u be talking to her) is sporadic at best, but us fella’s think a little too logical sometimes, so you have an opportunity for a pretty dope wager to be placed on the Finals granted you’re rooting for opposing teams/she’s even watching the games. But placing a bet is a great way to make a come up, I gotta wake up at 5 tomorrow and take and turn down bets all throughout my job tomorrow, look at it as a work bonus.

3. Mute or even turn the channel when the halftime show comes on. Nothing worse than watching Magic and Friends at that table. Also find something else to watch/do up until the opening tip, again no one wants to see Magic’s 8 Ball (pause) or hear from Chris Broussard’s sources.

4. This one kind of ties one and two together. Ladies if you don’t really watch ball like that I wouldn’t suggest that you start during the NBA Finals. The last thing we (fellas) wanna hear is how Lebron isn’t loyal, or how fly u think DWade is, or how u think James Harden should cut his beard off. These are questions/comments that we will let slide during the regular season, and rounds 1-3 but the Finals we will take a stand. You will be promptly muted, physically, textually and/or twitterlerly.

5. Now that the Finals are set Heat/Thunder, James/Durant, LET THE DEBATES BEGIN. This is probably the only legit time where you can rightfully compare the two, because James is still a better ball player than Kev but as long as Kev gives him the slightest bit of work there’s gonna be those 10-15 ppl you know who will tell you Kev is better than Bron and has been for some time now.

6. Another obvious one, don’t plan anything on the scheduled dates of the games. I know graduations, vacations, and other little festivities are approaching but you gonna be so tight if you at ya little cousin 8th grade graduation (which includes an hour of picture taking and a family dinner at Applebees) and miss Game 3. Unless it’s do or die just say no to it and tune into the game.

7. Also common sense, watch the game in some sort of HD. If you’re watching the NBA Finals on a plasma screen or worse in 2012 just keep your comments to yourself. Think about it, ya mans ain’t gonna wanna come thru to watch the game with you on ya struggle set and a chick will be justified for talking ya ear off as KD and Bron do battle if ya screen not at least 1080p. Save yourself the hassle.

8. Neither the Knicks nor the Lakers are in the Finals so keep those comparisons far away from everyone else enjoying the Finals. The only thing worse than a scorned woman is probably a bitter Knicks fan.

9. Lastly enjoy the damn games. Being a hater seems like it’s one of the coolest trends since 2010 so I know most won’t take heed to this. But a real fan who doesn’t have a team in this series should just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. How often do we get the Finals matchup that we wanted to see from the first day of the season? Rarely if ever, even in 08 when we got Boston-LA we wanted Bron vs the Lakers.



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