The Heat Lose If….

The Heat lose if….Lebron keeps brushing down the waves on the side of his head. 

Never in the history of real niggadom has a nigga ever given as much value to the waves on the side of his head bruh, especially when this nigga only has 3 quarters of a wave on the top of his dome.
When the last time a nigga ever got some box over side waves? 
This is the type of shit you value when you don’t have a father figure around to help navigate you through your struggles. I know Bron pops is out there somewhere wishing he could have done better. Caring about foolishness like side waves is why he can’t fucking focus on the foul line in the 4th quarter. 
I bet you this series goes 6 games plus and KD will not take a brush to his head not one motherfucking time dawgs. Thats the difference between you and him right now fam. 
Uncle Phil & Carl Winslow shows didn’t get canceled for you to be out here looking like this Bron. You not living well nor swell out here nigga, untie that du rag, wash the Murray’s wax out, put the brush down, act accordingly, and go chase that ring.



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