Walt Cylde Frazier Word Of The Day

This new segment is in honor of the greatest color commentary announcer to ever bless New York televsion screens. The god, Walt Clyde Frazier. Learn something.
“Catalyst”A person or thing that precipretates an event or change.

Example: Stoudemire acting as the catalyst for the Knicks terrible defensive display this quarter.

Aside from his play on the court, bringing the Knicks its last championship ring, Clyde is known for his revolutionary fashion choices during the 70’s. (If you mom had it her way, he would’ve been your father) And now more recently for his extensive, and often self created vocabulary. Learn & memorize these words, incorporate them into you everyday vernacular, and watch the bird flock bruh. Use “auspicious” in a sentence in your tweets today and you’ll be hoppin in the DM of somebody’s BM at god speed.



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