Rivals Hoops: Brooklyn vs The Rest of New York City

“Ima street n****, New York Knicks loyalist, Corona sipper” -Nas (Where’s the Love) 

“Ex D-Boy I used to park my Beamer, now look at me I can park in my own arena” -Jay-Z (3 Kings)
***Yall should know we’re never gonna let this debate truly die right

Just copped tickets to the Barclay’s season opener (Nov 1) vs the Knicks. Should definitely be a great experience. Honestly I just wanna steal a glimpse of Beyonce while I’m there I could care less about the result of the game.

Building off of that Knicks/Nets, Brooklyn vs the rest of NYC deal, the question is going to be raised a million and one times over the next three months. Who is the King of New York (Word to Nasir Jones)?

One thing I know for certain is that it can’t be a friendly rivalry, it won’t be. While the boroughs are one, the split and differences between them is so vast that the fans alone will make it a bad blood rivalry by halftime of the first game.

Let’s go in depth:

Point Guard: 
Advantage: Nets. 90/10 Split
No surprise here whatsoever. To many a NBA fan Deron Williams is either #1, 2, or 3 when it comes to top point guards in the NBA today. Ray Felt is fresh off of a miserable stay in Greg Oden’s city where he lost a lot of respect within and outside of the league.

Shooting Guard:
Advantage: Nets. 80/20 split
To start the season you would assume (that with Iman out) coach Woodson will go to one of the most loved/hated Knicks in JR Smith. As good as JR can be when he’s hot is as bad as he can be when he’s cold. And even if/when Iman comes back, he will supply a lot of energy and defense but his offensive potential hasn’t been tapped as of yet. And the Nets are bringing Joe Johnson, probably a top 5 player at his position league wide. Waves > High top fades still.

Small Forward:
Advantage: Knicks. 80/20 split
This is also a wash. G-Force is a good all around player, he does so many things on the court to help his team win and rarely doesn’t fill the stat sheet up. But he’s going up against the guy who currently holds the crown in NYC in Carmelo Anthony. Nothing else needs to be said about this.

Power Forward:
Advantage: Knicks. 60/40 split.
That 60/40 may be generous it may be 55 or even split right down the middle at this point. Its a sad day in the NBA when Kris Humphries and Amare Stoudemire are basically a draw on the ball court. But after another successful 14 and 10 season from Humphries and a disastrous one from STAT, this is the closest matchup that the two teams bring to the table in 2012/13.

Advantage: Knicks. 65/35 split.
This one may be a little closer than that as well. But Lopez has been fragile goods since stepping foot into the league and Tys has gotten better as he’s gotten older, so we’ll give this to “the rest of NYC” as well.

Advantage: Knicks. 90/10
Ok here’s where the plot thickens, well eh not really. The Nets bench is headlined by MarShon Brooks and MarShon Brooks only. Tyshawn Taylor is a wildcard, he’s from the tri state area so he can be either really good or really bad. Then you have Reggie Evans, Keith Bogans, CJ Watson and who can forget Stack Bundles at the very end of that bench. The Nets starters are gonna see plenty of action on the court because this bench mob won’t hold em didown. The Knicks on the other hand boast one of the better benches league wide, again. You have the JR/Iman swap, Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Pearl Handle Novak, and Ronnie Brewer. Ok maybe I amped it a little bit with the best bench statement, then again maybe I didn’t either way, this is a total wash.

Advantage: Nets. 60/40
Mike Woodson showed us that D’Antoni was a fluke and he abruptly turned the season around. That being said we’re looking at a coach who’s been out of the first round once (same as Melo) and one who will put all of his marbles (NH) in the hands of Carmelo when the game/season is on the line, could be a bad thing could be good, either way its a gamble. In Brooklyn you have the General with Avery Johnson, he’s won as a player and been on the brink (’06) with the Mavs. Overall he just SEEMS like a better leader on the sideline. Of course the verdict is still out on this and nothing is really written in stone yet.

Advantage: Even
I mean on one hand you have the Garden, just saying that alone gives fake chills to some. But the Garden itself the past couple of years has been more a haven for great concerts, graduations and even a Rangers playoff run more than “The Garden” that we remember with Pat and Starks. The Barclays Center hasn’t done a damn thing yet, it’s like LeBron in 02, we know its gonna be dope, Hov cosigning it, everybody watching, add to that, that it’s in the greatest place on Earth. We’ll call it even till I sit in those seats on 11/1 after that it might be time to get the Garden outta here.

Based on this breakdown, it’s still “At the Knick game, big chain in all my splendor” -Jay-Z. But I wonder how long that will last. There’s still an outside shot that the Nets get D12, if he comes to BK, its a new world order in New York. Until then Fabolous Anthony should be a little more successful under the bright lights that are Manhattan.



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