Rising Stars: 2012/2013

Last year we did something similar to this, our list was too extensive and indecisive. This year we hit you with 5 players who weren’t all stars but will be on the brink of the ASG in 2013. No more typing let’s get to it.


DeMarcus Cousins. Boogie made that phantom list last year and he makes it again this year. Me personally I’d like to vouch for Boog being the best center in the West and the 2nd best in the A. 18 points, 11 rebs, 1blk, 1stl. Those numbers don’t lie, the young man is a force and after they got Paul Westphal up outta Sac Town he had to avg 20 and 12 easy. He also led the league in offensive rebounds this year, O rebs show that he is def playing hard and up to his billing somewhat. The one stat that bothers me is his fg %, no reason he should be 7’0″ 270 and only shooting 44% from the field. Less jumpers and more dunks. If Boogie can stick to the script he’ll be starting in the ASG and will have the Kings a little more competitive in the West.


Greg Monroe. In a league run by swings and point guards, Greg is one of the last Mohicans in the post. As a Georgetown fan I would love to say that I saw this happening but I was skeptical about him. But he proved to be the young leader on a youth filled roster in Detroit with 15ppg 10rpg. If Brandon Knight can become a more solid pg and passer G Monroe’s growth this season could be exponential.


Goran Dragic. With Steve Nash taking his talents to Hollywood, the floor was wide open for a new floor general in Phoenix. While us here at Swish G and many of you would have like to see Bassy take that reign, the Suns went out and signed Goran Dragic back to the Valley of the Sun. Dragic isn’t necessarily as young a player (26) as everyone else on the list but he’s still relatively young in the A. 12 and 5 were his numbers during the 2012 year. He started a little under half the year with Kyle Lowry running wreck earlier. If he can play the way that he did that final 25 games in Houston out in Phx then he may have the Suns on to something come April.


Michael Beasley. It’s like we’ve been waiting for Beaz to see what we see in him pause. Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, and Eric Gordon headlined the 08 draft class with Beaz and they all have “arrived”. Beaz was supposed to be the beast of the class, the 25 and 10 player, he’s been none of the above. With a fresh start in Phoenix (along with Dragic) we are projecting Beaz to double his 11 and 4 numbers from this past season with the T’Wolves. This may very well be a last shot at stardom for him. We hope he steps into that light.


OJ Mayo. Yea, nah. It was either OJ or a bunch of herb light skin off guards for this last spot so we went with the pride of West Virginia here. Oj has kinda fallen off every year since he arrived in Memphis, it was time for a change. Going to Dallas seems like a pretty good fit for OJ. He’ll get more shot attempts within the Mavs offense and he’ll get to run point a little if Carlilse lets him cook with the second unit some. We think OJ can get back to that rookie year 18 a night in Dallas and do exactly what VC wasn’t able to do last season in knocking down open three’s.

Three out of five of these players make the All Star game, according to general Swishdom.

The Sleeper List is next, where we choose a team of 5 who are on the verge of being fake household names thus making them Swish Generation favorites.



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