Box Out Drills : 10 Illest Women of 90’s Sitcoms

This is for all the mid to late 80’s babies & 90’s kids. Growing up, we had basketball practice on Friday nights, came home to watch TGIF. Woke up early on Saturday to catch cartoons, caught Saved By The Bell at 12, played in our games at 1. You play your ass off in that game imagining Ashley Banks in the stands cheering for you. All my n****s who were positive we’d smash Topanga from once we finally made it to the league straight out of High School, this is for ya’ll man. Vintage, nostalgic Swish.

10. Zaria from “The Parent’Hood”
This is a under the radar gem. Kinda like bad chicks on instagram with less than 300 followers. Zaria was the official around the way girl. Parent’hood was a relatively whack show but real n*ggas tuned in off the strength.
9. Tia & Tamera from “Sister, Sister”
It would be ill if you could cuff one of them, then smash the other sister, and have it not be cheating, cause they got the same face nahmsayin. Perfect relationship.

8. Mary Camden from “7th Heaven
Jessica Biel man, self explanatory. Never have I ever, nor will I, nor do I plan on ever sitting through a episode of 7th Heaven though. 
7. Stevie from “The Parkers”
If the Parkers didn’t start in 1999 she’d be higher on this list. We didn’t have enough time to lust properly after Stevie. Those ass cheeks broke the barriers of false white women stereo types. 
6. Kelly Bundy from “Married With Children”
I’m 23 and still looking for a Kelly Bundy god. Even if I was rich I’m tryna take Kelly to a dirty motel with stinky comforters and give her the steel.

5. Ashley Banks from “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”
We got to grow up with her on television, and she would’ve been the baddest chick in your 4th grade class and your senior prom too. 
4A. & 4B. Pam & Gina from “Martin”
If its for the smash I’m going with Pam, if it’s the cuff I’m going with Gina. 2 best women from the best sitcom of the decade, it’s only right it’d be a tie.
3.  Kelly Kapowski from “Saved By The Bell”
Zack Morris was one of the coolest dudes on earth mainly because this is what he had under his arm. Can never switch from a Saved By The Bell re run to this day.
2. Hillary Banks from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
Hillary made being dumb attractive. Plus she was rich, and she’d let you whip one of Uncle Phil’s Benz’s. I need at least one of my baby’s moms I’m going to have in my lifetime to look exactly like her.

1. Topanga from “Boy Meets World”
I’m saying though, looks wise she’s not the best on this list. But we all had a crush on Topanga growing up. And we all probably had a real life Topanga in our lives too. A lot of you got your very own Topanga pregnant, and are ducking her text messages as you read the end of this post.

A little swish down memory lane for all my sons still trapped in the 90’s. Be easy during these next 2 months of MLB highlights on SportCenter.



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