The V’s : 5 Most Influential Moves in NBA History

(Watch the video or just read the post depending how trash your phone is)

Puff & B.I.G surfing the Florida Keys on speed boats chased by helicopters revolutionzed the way rap artist would create thier visuals forever. Likewise, Mike Jeffery’s red & black Air Jordan 1’s would reinvent the idea of footwear on the hardwood for the next two decades. Influence; that ability to reconstruct the trend, and set a new wave for the culture to follow. So in the same way that BIG’s videos and Mikes 1’s might not been the “best” ever, this list isn’t about the 5 most effective moves ever. This is about the moves that’ve most shaped the way we see & play the game today. Disagree with the order if you want, I’m still right regardless.

#5 The Ginobili Euro Step
I knew sh*t was different this past winter,  I’m coaching, its 3rd quarter, close game. My point guard does euro step on a fast break without a defender in sight. He bricked the lay up. My impulse was to choke ’em out, but his moms looked good. Nonetheless, it was that moment I realized how much the eurostep had changed the game. It’s only been around the past decade, that’s evident in the fact that only the younger stars of the league(James Harden, Austin Rivers ect.) effectively pull it off. Manu was raping the league with this during the early 00’s. The fact that he was white and getting into the lane at will with it made it look like a travel to the common viewer.

#4 The “Dream” Shake

Hakeem was the first person who really made post players want to be flashy. The Dream Shake was so ill that even guards wanted to add it to the skill set.(Rondo, Kobe) The effectiveness of this move has turned Hakeem into the basketball Yoda, this summer alone, Amare, Javelle McGee, and Kenneth Faried have gone down to learn the art. Post or perimeter this is a necessity to have in the repertoire.

#3 The  Kareem “Sky” Hook

No flash or disrespect behind this move, but it’s probably the most lethal signature in a post scorers game. Kareem played well into his late 30’s off the strength of it. It’s taught at every camp, clinic, and practice all of the world. And still to this day, nobody’s been able to master it the same way he did.

#2 MJ Fade Away
Lil n*ggas was on fisher price hoops spinning off their right shoulder, fading to the left, and shooting the ball completely overtop the side of the backboard trying to reenact this sh*t. We didn’t even want to dunk no more. Mike did so much to change the culture and this is right at the top of the list. The fadeaway jumper, in my opinion, the most visually appealing basketball play in the game. It’s the contrast, the difficulty it actually takes to pull it off, combined with how easy Mike looked shooting ’em is too ill. Aside from the aesthetics of it, Mike revived the rest of his career post retirement & post athleticism, with the fadeaway as his main weapon. Now you see Kobe & D Wade doing the same as they hit the twighlight years, I’m sure Lebron is sure to come.

#1 Iverson Killer Crossover
If you’re under 6ft like myself, this sh*t right here changed your life. I got box and almost got into a few fights off the strength of this cross, very powerful. So disrespectful, so deceptive, by far the waviest move of all time. The crossover became the new dunk. AI changed the entire basketball culture by making this playground move accepted into the NBA. This esentially birthed the AND1 mixtape phenomenon, and an entire generation kids with no jumpshot but remarkable handles. Much thanks to god of Newport News, VA, a true pioneer.

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