The Throwbacks Era : Gems from the Early 00’s

Its football season right now, even for the Swish team. So no hoops analytics yet. But I’m sitting here listening to “Chingy” Pandora station, and feel its necessary to pay homage to one of the livest eras our generation has been apart of.  The Throwback Jersey Era; oversized tees, headbands, du rags under fitted caps, all white air ones. Fab & Cam’ron dropped a pair of classic albums, Jagged Edge had us wanting to propose to chicks, and 112 was telling us it was ok to eat box. BET Uncut, Rap City, and pop culture finally embracing women with fat asses with open arms. Take a swish down memory lane.
 This guy just had a fundraiser for the President of these United States of America.

Buy a pair of Air Ones, crease em, and literally never wear them again.
No throwbacks on but wow, back then we was all in Dipset
Ladies, ya’ll was really out here rocking jersey dresses, we didn’t forget.
Throwback jerseys galore, Fab & Diddy with one of the best visuals of the era easily.
Kellz said “We in our throwbacks, we got room keys”…Instant classic
I was bumping Ghetto Fabolous album on Spotify, and my text inbox was jumping with birds the whole time I was putting this together so I guess we’ll make a part 2 to this. Stay tuned.

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