The Throwbacks Era : Making The Band 2 Appreciation

Possibly the best reality TV show of all time. In 2002, Diddy assembled a Rap/R&B/Reggae group from a nationwide talent search. And by the graces of God, Da Band, consisting of Philly’s “E Ness”,”Chopper City” out the N.O, BK’s own “Babz”, “Freddy P” from the 305, and lost but not least,  “Dylan Dilinjah” also out of King’s County; were brought together on our television screens for 3 consecutive seasons. Puff failed horrifically on the music making end, but he did manage to create one of the highest rated MTV series ever with this one. MTB 2 brought coonery to the forefront, meanwhile Diddy was making it lucrative. The multiple fights, the epic walk for cheesecake; Puff was an absolute genius. (Bad Boy This Bad Boy That is a classic still to this day.)
7:00 minute mark Ness & Fred square up for the first ever slap boxing match on cable television. Ness got beat up and his pants fell off.(pause if applicable) Philly took alota L’s on this day.

Lmaaaooooo Diddy really made n*ggas rap for 12 rounds bruh

E Ness vs Jae Millz full battle
(Classic)Chapelle’s Show MTB 2 Spoof

Chappelle show – Making the band from welove tolaugh on Vimeo.

Best show of the Throwbacks Era…at least for today.Very sorry we couldn’t find that cheesecake clip for y’all. Appreciate these gems though.

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