5 Most Overrated Players of 2012-13

Let’s get right into it. ESPN’s Player rankings got me f*cking infuriated for the 2nd consecutive year. I hate these n*ggas. N*ggas really sat down and deliberated for hours in order to come to the conclusion that Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, & Derrick Rose who currently can’t even clap backboard are ALL better than Kobe Bean Bryant. I want to smack every single decision maker over there koofie smooth off. In turn, they inspired this hating ass list. SWISH:
5. Rajon Rondo 
 Look here, its been 6 goddamn years, and this n*gga still cannot shoot yet. Yes, he can win a game for you single handedly, but what we don’t like to point out is that he can also single handedly loose a game for you as well. The Celtics really play 4 on 5 in half court situations with Rajon on the floor. Which hurt them in the Finals vs LA in 2010, and last year vs. Miami, both 7 game series that could’ve gone either way. And for all his greatness, he’s ONLY effective if you put him around other top 10 type scoring talent. We’ve never seen him be great without Piru P, Ray, or KG. And they say he’s the best player on that team….which is why they haven’t won since its been that way.
4. John Wall
F*ck you doing hanging out with JR Smith, John? You out here trying to be a superstar, role model for these kids, this is nobody you need to be surrounding yourself with. Chilling with JR is like hanging with Suge during the Death Row era. John Wall, you got one more year before we officially get you the f*ck outta here. Kyrie Irving is already WAY better than you. Damien Lilard looks like he’s trying to be better than you already as well. 82 games to save yourself from becoming the Ryan Leaf of basketball. Check rock.
3. Blake Griffin
Blake is on a fast track to becoming the lightskin Shawn Kemp. His highlights blind us all from the glaring weaknesses he has yet to fix in his game. He got thoroughly exposed these past playoffs, and on the low, Anthony Davis was looking like an UPGRADE in his place on Team USA this summer. Right now he might not even be Top 5 PF’s in the league deadass…Kev Love, Lamarcus Aldridge, Dirk, Zach Randolph, then Blake & AD are a toss up and Davis hasn’t even played a game.
2. Chris Paul
Shout out to my man @Trill_Cool_Joe for a epic slander session the other day. He’s an avid advocate of CP3 being one of the most overrated players ever as well. He brought up a irrefutable point that also applied with Rondo: “Can you win a championship with him being the BEST player on your team?” The answer is no. He needs a go to guy alongside him. Him & Melo would have been the perfect tandem, but that didn’t work out. At the end of the game when you need to create shot and score, you’re in bad shape asking Paul to go get you a bucket against elite level defense, in comparison to a D Will, D Rose, or Westbrook. So let’s get em’ the f*ck outta here, HE IS NOT the best PG in the game, and hasn’t been either. Your ONLY argument for CP3 being better than the trio I just named, is claiming the “floor general” trait. Which is immeasurable, and essentially the most overrated basketball term used to describe overrated players.
1. Dwight Howard
I’m a Laker fan, and we’re placing out fate in a n*gga who just purchased a “Megatron” snapback hat the other day. He’s not even a grown man, which is why I never understood peoples illusion of his big man skills. Whatever “it” is, that “it” that Shaq, Hakeem, & David Robinson had, Dwight just doesn’t have it. His moves are robotic, he be making that lefty hook shot by mistake a lot of times. And if Andrew Bynum stopped drinking Henny 3-4 times a week, he wouldn’t even be the best 5 in the league right now. But even if he is, in a league where the big man is becoming extinct, that “best” title is really irrelevant.
2K13 drops next week, make her understand that you going to be ignoring text messages with the phone right by your side, make her accept & digest it.

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