The Greatest Show You Don’t Know About

That dreadful, locked out summer/fall of 2011 was almost as hard to sit through as the BET Hip Hop Awards were last night. The only thing that saved it was the introduction of NBA Open Court on NBA TV.

Most people believe that First Take is the greatest sports debate platform ever, but they are surely mistaken because it just doesn’t get any better than Open Court. 
Just think about the group of NBA greats they have assembled: Shaq, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith, CWebb, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith and moderated by Ernie Johnson. What makes this round table so ill is the characters it employs and their personalities. 
With Shaq you have the guy with the most acclaim but the one who can’t seem to understand the game as well as the others. Charles is unfiltered and the most comedic of the bunch, usually showing sympathy to the players who have yet to acquire a championship ring. Reggie is in a weird way almost as funny as Chuck, he also has no rings so a lot of what he says almost doesn’t count. Kenny along with Steve Kerr are probably the most sensible guys on the show and what’s funny is that the guy with the most rings (Kerr) is the quietest one on the set. CWebb and Steve Smith are really just the NBATV throw ins, we usually tweet when these two interject. 
Open Court is pretty much Swish Generation by NBA players. Their opinions and topics range from who’s the best today, the greatest trash talkers, why Lebron can be better than Mike, and why Brook Lopez is better than Dwight. This is the show that defines this site. Peep some clips below and tune in Tuesday nights @ 11 on NBATV.

Barbershop Talk at it’s finest Swishhhhh


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