Rap Game Like : good KD m.A.A.d city

This sh*t right here hurts my soul still. So utterly disrespectful. He shot this in the grill of every Laker fan in the world that night. Naturally you’d assume that I was furious watching my Lakers die like this. But nahhh, I found myself laughing. This play was the true definition of “The Jordan Shrug.” You had to respect it.

You find it hard to root against Kevin Durant, even as he’s giving your favorite team 40. A superstar athlete who ran around New York City with a backpack playing in hood tournaments for free, how can you hate on that?

Answer is you can’t, so the parallel that my mind drew this morning while listening to Kendrick Lamar’s major label debut was only natural. “Good kid m.A.A.d city” is one of the most honest depictions of the trials & tribulations of our generation’s lifestyle that rap has seen thus far. K Dot found the perfect medium between conscious rap & music you can ride out to. Delivering a message about right and wrong throughout, but also admitting that he’s too young & careless to actually practice what he’s preaching in these songs. It taps into a real life emotion, a battle that 80’s babies go though damn near everyday. How can you hate on that?

You can’t.

KD has quickly become the NBA’s golden child, not a scratch on his resume yet. Seemingly humble and calm dude, who becomes a straight assassin once that rock is thrown up. He has a throwback demeanor, he’s not out here trying to be friends with everybody a la Lebron and/or Chris Paul. A young career with multiple scoring titles, all-star appearances, & a trip to the Finals all before the age of 25. And Kendrick, a resume with 2 arguably classic mix tapes(Overly Dedicated & The Kendrick Lamar EP), you could also argue that he’s dropped the best rap album 2 years in a row, accomplishing this all by 25 years young as well.

So, KD is the parallel of K Dot, & vice versa. And last year’s trip to the NBA Finals was his “good kid m.A.Ad city” offering, a plea to become the king of the basketball world, in the very same way Kendrick’s literal offering is his plea to take seat of the vacant throne of King of the West Coast. But above all, the contrast is drawn here, because we have 2 young dudes leading the culture, who are doing it mad official. We got a rapper who just raps, a baller who just plays ball, and currently they are smoking everyone else doing. Where either of them will end up in history is arbitrary right now, but if anything is for certain, its that the future is bright. SWISH.



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