Eastern Conference Season Preview

Lebron championship really didn’t count because D Rose got hurt, the season was shortened, and he fouled KD at the end of game 2 but they wouldn’t call it. That was really like a “tournament” win, not a season. This is his first year to win a “real” championship.
Nahh you know what, I’m done hating, I’m sad to say my slander of the King has finally come to its end. Currently the greatest player on earth, and he put on a show in the last 4 games of the Finals last season. BUT, the legends always do it back to back. However, Rajon, Melo, and Bynum’s fro definitely are trying to play spoiler to that this season.
1. Heat (65-17)
2. Pacers (53-28)
3. Boston (51-31)
4. BK Nets (47-35)
5. 76ers (46-36)
6. Knicks (44-38)
7. Hawks (41-41)
8. Bulls (40-42)
  • The Heat unintentionally shifted the way basketball is played with the 2 guards, 3 swingmen line up. They’ve got LeBron, the biggest double team issue in the game, surrounded by nothing but spot up shooters. Rebounding might be a problem, but that might not matter since they can get either an open 3 or a dunk every single time down the court.
  • Indiana will play the same role the Nuggets do in the West. The regular season is going to mean a lot to them, sort of a proving ground. And with a roster full of youth & athleticism, they are going to be able to attack conference opponents in waves that most older teams won’t be able to handle. They’ll finish 2 in the East but they’re probably the 5th best team when it comes to a 7 game series.
  • Celtics have re-upped on talent and youth, but the fact that they are so dependent on Rondo is a matter of concern. A injury to either him or Garnett could make them nose dive in the rankings.
  • And in the case the Celts run into injury issues, you can look for Brooklyn to make a run for that 3rd spot in the East. The reason the Nets will gel more quickly than the Knicks or Sixers is that all their key pieces do different things. Look for D Will to be at the top of the MVP conversation with Bron & KD come years end, the sports writers love voting for point guards, a la Derrick Rose & Steve Nash.
  • Bynum’s fro is extra disrespectful, and if he still has it come playoff time look for Philly to be a lock for round 2 at least. The reality is that Andrew will probably only play 50-60 games this season though, which puts the success of the Sixers solely on the shoulders of Evan Turner & Jrue Holiday’s growth into consistent stars.
  • ….Way too many fedoras out there in Manhattan for all you Knicks fans
  • The Hawks and the Bulls both stink, I pray Chicago tells D Rose not to come back this season, fighting for a 7th or 8th seed is corny.

Livest Team To Use on 2K13 : New York Knicks
They let Melo play like a mix between Larry Bird and Karl Malone. You gotta take the auto subs off though cause the CPU is always horny to give Kurt Thomas burn instead of Steve Novak.
Eastern Conference MVP : Deron Williams
It would be trash to be realistic and key in Bron for another MVP so let’s root for my son D Will.
Wackest Signature Shoe : D Wade’s Li Nings
This kind of remind me of when Spree & C Webb threw on the Dada shoes just to be exotic. These are supreme trash even more so though, FOH Dwayne.
Eastern Conference Rookie of the Year : Michael Kidd Gilchrist 
He really has no choice but to average at least 15 & 5 for his first year. The Bobcats are one of the least talented teams ever, just a notch better than this year’s version of the Orlando Magic, which is the worst NBA team ever assembled ever.
Surprise Team : Detroit Pistons
They won’t make the playoffs, but I promise you this team is a season away. Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Rodney Stucky and Andre Drummond will develop into a nice core throughout the season.

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