Western Conference Season Preview

Aight so first things first. F*ck you David Stern, & f*ck you Sam Presti. We had a lockout last year to allow small market teams to keep there stars, and it has done anything but its purpose. Kevin Martin looks like Al B. Sure, and Jeremy Lamb was that kid who had his dog eat his dinner plate when his moms wasn’t looking. F*ck outta here.
Anyways, thats a blog for another day. Guess its rightfully fitting that we’ve been lazy enough to not post a preview till 9 hours before the start of the season, but at least the landscape is now clear now. This is how the west will be won.
1. Thunder (60-22)
2. Lakers (53-28)
3. Nuggets(51-31)
4. Clippers (50-32) **Tiebreak to the Clips
5. Spurs (50-32)
6. Memphis (48-34)
7. Dallas (47-35)
8. Warriors (41-41)
  • OKC sent away its shot at being the league’s newest dynasty to Houston, but they’ll still finish with the best regular season resume. The regular season is progressively becoming more about staying healthy than being talented. The Thunder sport 2 superstars who rarely if ever get hurt(Westbrook hasn’t missed a game), with young legs still. 
  • The best team in the conference in my opinion, but the Lakers age is going to stop them from really “caring” about going out and winning regular season games every night. That, combined with the fact that Devin Ebanks came out with this video a week before the season. Smffhh.

  • The Nuggets might seem like a shock at 3. But they are the team in the West with the most to prove during the regular season, and with the youth, athleticism and bench depth to allow them to play all out every single night, they should steal plenty of wins some nights solely based off effort. Lawson, Iggy, Gallo, and McGee could be the shock of the league this year.
  • The Clippers are being overrated, Lamar looks like Larry Holmes, Grant Hill is relatively wack as well…still can’t believe he bagged Tamia smh…. Caron Butler is washed. We like the Jamal Crawford addition, but that’s about it. 
  • San Antonio is like that kid that never made the team that always played dumb hard in gym class just to prove a point. The Spurs new offense won’t be able to creep up on people like it did this past season, we all know Tony Parker is the #1 now, and with teams now able to key in on him their ceiling is pretty low, unless Kawhi Leonard ends up being a breakout star. Pretty unlikely though.
  • Memphis & Dallas truthfully could both end up anywhere between the 7th seed and 4th. Memphis is projected 6th because I can’t shoot with any of their guards on 2K13…I be killing dudes with Zach Randolph then they throw the zone on and get me outta there. Dallas is too reliant on Dirk still, with a shaky supporting cast. But if OJ Mayo finally can become the star we all thought he’d be coming out of High School, Dallas becomes a real threat to anybody in the West. They finally released Delonte West, which seemed like a great move, until they followed up by Eddy Curry in his place…my son Mark Cuban was probably sniffing the yay off a strippers cheeks when he OK’d that move. Salute.
  • Finally, we got Golden State sneaking in the playoffs into that meaningless 8th seed that will be swept by OKC in round 1. And until somebody can beat me on 2K when I’m the Warriors I’m not changing my opinion on this. They should fight it out with the T’Wolves for this last spot, but Kevin Love’s injury at the beginning of the year should make the rest of the season a uphill battle for Minnesota.
Livest Team To Play With on 2K13 : New Orleans Hornets & Memphis Grizzlies
Austin Rivers play better than Jordan in this game, I don’t know why. Him and Eric Gordon get extra jiggy, and Ryan Anderson plays like rookie year Dirk. I was using the Grizz the other day and some little kid called me a n**** because he couldn’t check Zach Randolph, I was cryyyinng. If you got Xbox 360, hit @SwishGeneration with your game tag and come get this work.
Western Conference MVP: Kevin Durant 
No Harden…KD really might have a 2005 Kobe type scoring season.
Wackest Signature Shoe: Kevin Durant
This remind me of the old Sheryl Swoops joint FOH Kev.
Impact Player of the Year: Steve Nash 
The Lakers haven’t have a facilitator at PG since Magic, Nash is going to drastically change the way the Lakers play, even more so than Dwight.
Western Conference Rookie of the Year: Unibrow Davis
It should be a close competition between Anthony Davis and Damien Lilard of the Blazers, but AD does too many things well on both ends of the floor to not average 15 points, 10 rebounds, 2 Blocks & a steal night in night out.
Surprise Team : Denver Nuggets
Not going to repeat myself from earlier, but remember you heard it here.

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