Uncle Drew 2

NBA players are getting their money right here in oh 12. Signing with new teams, contract extensions, sneaker deals, and endorsements out of this world. The original Uncle Drew commercial from Pepsi came to us back in the summer during the playoffs. Now they’re back with Drew, Eleven Ring Russell, and Wes. What makes this commercial so ill is the use of two stars from small market teams (Cleveland and Minnesota). Idk if this was also one of the motives of the collective bargaining agreement, but it works. It gives two players who are top 5 at their positions in the league more air time, because those two teams don’t get much TNT, ESPN or ABC spins. The commercial made drinking Pepsi seem mad cool. I don’t drink soda unless I’m cooning at a bbq or if I’m drunk, but the Uncle Drew commercial made it seem like I should go to the store and cop a couple. I wonder if it had the same effect on other people. If so Pepsi has struck a gold mine. Swishhhhh


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