JR Starks, J Kidd, & Kryptonite

What We’ve Learned From Last Night….

The Heat want absolutely no parts of THIS version of the Knicks as of 12/7/12
-It’s hard not to jump to conclusions, but didn’t the Heat team we saw last night look a lot like the one’s who watched Dallas blow them out 2 seasons ago? Those Mavs found the Kryptonite to the super friends. Passing, open 3 point shots, forcing a half court game. Also can’t ignore the fact that 2 of the 3 key pieces who beat that Heat team are present on this Knicks roster. Felton looked like JJ Barea, JR looked like Terry. To say that this game was meaningless would be completely inaccurate. And to overstate Miami’s “mental toughness” like the way they’ve been beat twice will have no affect on a 7 game series vs NY would be also.

JR Smith is definitely the new John Starks
-JR thoroughly outplayed D Wade for one game. (Starks has his moments vs. Jordan) He played defense, took & made tough shots, even made a game winner the night before. He’s the 2nd most beloved Knick right now. And I’m still 100% he’ll be the most hated at one point during this season as well.

D Wade is throughly washed, he’s not even the best player on Li Ning

Ray Felt is the new poster child for fat n*ggas everywhere



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