Back For the Crown Baby!!!

Time to tap the boards like chess moves. Just The First 10 things that come to mind from this season real quick:

1. This has easily been Lebron James best season ever. Possible foreshadow of things to come in the playoffs?

2. Injuries took away from what could have been a more appealing season. The obvious D Rose ACL, Kobe Achilles tear at the end, Kev Love and whatever kept him hobbled. But even John Wall missing the first half of the season, or Kyrie missing a lot of the second half, STAT and his quarter of the season played. Now David Lee goes down in Game 1 of the playoffs. I’ve never seen a season plagued by as many injuries as this one.

3. I can’t believe the Broad St Bullies have given Andrew Bynum a pass.

4. The Washington Wizards backcourt and Cavs backcourt are going to be fun to watch develop and compete (hopefully in the playoffs) over the next few years. My money is on DC.

5. Seeing Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant tweet each other has to be the greatest social network feat of all time. Well after a couple of instagram gems then the Zen Master and Bean.

6. The Knicks may have the blueprint to knock Miami off. They have to play damn near to perfection but the recipe is in the kitchen.

7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Spurs not make the playoffs.

8. The Kings gotta be the worst NBA franchise of all time.

9. I really wish the Atlanta Hawks would stop wasting our time and their energy and stay outta the playoffs. 

10. Shouts to Larry Legend for believing in Lance Stephenson when no one else would.

11. I was rooting for Kobe in real life but hating on twitter.

12. The All NBA teams need less structure and more relevance, no way on earth Dwight should be first team over Melo, Harden, Westbrook, Tony Parker, even Tim Duncan should get that before Dwight.

13. Knicks/Clippers might be the most entertaining Finals matchup we would ever witness.

14. Pound for pound, shot for shot, 4 years in, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter ever.

That’s more than 10 but we held out long enough. Feels good to be back!!



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