Sh*t That I Hate

Its been a while; but lets get right to it….

Shane Battier’s hairline

Why would you not want to fix this sh*t!? This sh*t got me mad cause his sh*t not even receding he just insisting that it be trash out of spite. Kinda feels like a personal demonstrative attack against the black community. Shane Battier aka Swish Romney.

Lebron’s celebrations
WTF kinda way is this to shine after a play? N*gga aint know exactly what to do and just strung several awkward arm movements into what he meant to seem like a planned motion. This is what happens when you rock V-Neck shooting shirts.

Magic Johnson’s speech struggle

All that money and still talking like a slave. Completely mind blowing.

“No New Friends”

Steph Curry & Klay Thompson working so hard to restore light skin n*ggas to prominence then Drake came and dropped some sh*t like this. Easily the worst concept song in rap history. 2nd worst song in the past decade behind Wizard Khalifa’s “Work Hard, Play Hard.” 

A$AP Rocky’s Adidas Commercial
AI didn’t go broke for this, and Jada ain’t grow a hairline after 15 years for this either. With the great history of basketball & hip hop marketing collaborations; this sh*t really had me disgusted. Had my son  Rocky up there spitting a struggle haiku, just disgusting man.


Me slowly resembling Carlos Boozer….
Not going to throw a pic up but just know life’s been hard since my last joint. But I’m back ouchea.



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