Legacy Defining Moments (Dirk Nowitzki)

“Mo’ vets than the Dallas Mavericks” -Cyhi Da Prince

I guess that the new thing to do is talk about legacies and how/where players rank historically. So we decided to look at the moments that we’ll never forget from some of the current players who’ll go down as all time greats.

Dirk Nowitzki

2011 Finals Game 2: Up until the playoffs of oh eleven Dirk had gained respect as being one of the best power forwards around, because of his shooting and offensive dominance. He had led Dallas to like 10 or 11 straight playoff berths in the deep, and always competitive Western Conference (which deserves kudos regardless of the outcome). But 12 years into his NBA career a ring had eluded Germany’s prodigal son thus it seemed that his soft play and un-aggressive demeanor would plague him and ‘relative failure’ would haunt his career. LOL, but what’s a great legacy without some controversy? Losing builds character and the 2011 Finals Game 2 17 point comeback, capped off with a game winner, turned a mere mortal into a walking legend

Of course, at the time, this series was far from over, but in retrospect this was the moment that defined the series. Dirk realized that there was no one on the South Beach Heat who could defend him and the Mavs figured out how to shut down #6 from this point forward. Miami would go on to win one more game and the Mavs led by Dirk, Jason Kidd, Jason ‘Ima Real Crip’ Terry and The Matrix would take the crown in 6 games (Ironically).

 All it takes is one game, one quarter, one moment, and a legacy is born.



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