Braids Is Better

“B*tch burned the braids off my n*gga the other day” ~ Freaky Zeeky

(Just want to give n*ggas fair warning on which chicks they apply this “Beach Is Better” statement to; word to the wise.)

Looking back, we as a collective twitter universe completely got any and all forms of braids the f*ck out of here. Don’t ever underestimate how influential these random thoughts can be. From music, to the movies, to the court, braids evaporated slowly but surely throughout the community. But with hindsight being 20/20, I can see now that in our fun, we managed to kill some careers without due process. Jim Jones and Busta Rhymes haven’t been able to make a hit since…

The same n*gga who gave us “G’z Up Hoes Down” was shedding tears live on cable television the moment he let S-Curl formula marinate on his dome.  It’s like dudes get an entirely new identity once they get a fresh ceaser, especially on the court man….like yo, look what  we’ve done to Chris Bosh….

Nothing out of the ordinary here…
….Flaming Homosexual

He’s the first n*gga you’ve ever seen rock championship rings on his toes. Two time NBA Champion, now a multiple time alleged homosexual. Lost his entire manhood and integrity with one trip to the barber.

And then there’s Carmelo Anthony. He seemed like he was the destined to lead n*ggas with cornrows into the next generation, but then he too fell into the trend.

Cornrows & Gerry McNamarra helped him bring Syracuse its first Nat’l Chip. But since he’s got waves he went and signed Cassidy to a record deal. And now his contemporaries are comparing his wife’s gift to dry cereal. Nothing but peril & misfortune have loomed over the god since he copped the wave builder kit.

Needless to say the King of Newport News, VA never saw another All Star appearance again after he pulled this. Rest In Power.

Moral of the story here is, don’t conform to society, don’t conform to slander. And don’t ever twitter search your own name.  Just cause Hov is rapping about Basquiat, doesn’t mean you gotta fake like art now. Just cause Ross said Honda Accords are for b*tches doesn’t mean the honeys still won’t hop in. These one time legends of the game all conformed to our slander, and as a result won’t be able to take their rightful places in the basketball & hip hop kingdoms when its all said and done. Learn from this, and be the architects of your own legacy brethren.



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