The Triangle Offense: Tex Budden

F*** the city I’m extorting the state. I’m like O from The Wire, walk wit a sawed off n a eight” -Paul Cain

I’m still doing the knowledge on the genius who is Tex Winter.

This video is from 92 and he had put in 46 years of coaching, and to think he put in another 20 at Phil’s side! Wicked! 
You have to be a real fan/purist to watch this but we figure there’s a few of you out there. The Triangle Offense has some sort of undeniable glow to it, it’s synonymous with winning. Phil was the Zen Master and did a hell of a job managing and controlling certain persons, but Tex was the genius behind the flawless execution that led to 11 NBA Championships, he was the architect.

Just a lil back in the day audio gem for y’all



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