Young, Black, Rich Wit a Fresh Pair of Nik’ Airs

Ya lookin at a crackas worst nightmare, young, black, rich wit a fresh pair of Nik’ airs” -Jim Jones

Shouts To James Harden, the official leader of the new school.

I don’t think any generation spent more time and money in the strip club than ours.

This was before he took over H Town. Bet you James don’t even remember this night. His black skin staining her white dress and she don’t even care.

Nigga Drake don’t miss a photo opp. But you know you made it when you out partying with Sean Combs. Pause Tremaine

Young Wilt will now be accompanying James Houston as the tallest wingman EVER.

Club nights way more fun than playing 31 minutes versus the Celtics. I can’t even say I’m mad at Earl for this.

Rihanna be looking washed and heaven sent at the same damn time. Earl definitely on the Molly here. Rihanna just looking like good trouble and JR sold out, the Molly probably did it. Look at this dirty nigga with the beard tho, that’s why I cut mine off today.

No doubt about it this chick woulda left the club with all my one’s this night. We might need B Jennings in a big market, not cuz we want to see him play more but because I know we gonna get more photos like this and that’s probably the best thing Brandon has to offer at this point in his career.

I wanna put the unedited pic up so bad but this is fake family material on here. Areolas on 10 thousand.

Lance keeping it very light following the loss to Miami.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Kris is getting curved down the line here. Also wouldn’t surprise me if the Ciroc got these broads incoherent, hence Kris keeping it moving on em.

Iman with one of the most respectable lock downs in the streets right now. This is really the epitome of all of the bullshit we pull, this is all that we want but we gotta be able to do all the other stuff in this post from time to time. Taaaapeeee

Shouts to the whole under 28 population for realizing that Bron is getting these rings right now, so they might as well just throw these racks and get these women before they just some old niggas in the way.



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