Rap Game Like… Gym Gems: Fabolous

fab kobe throwback


From Fabolous Sport to F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S to Loso to Funeral Fab to Leather Gang Leader Fab, John Jackson has probably given us more basketball references in his raps than anyone else, the jerseys weren’t a facade he was/is a real fan of the game. These references range from greats like Kobe to NBA Live characters such as Stromile Swift to the multi million dollar Maloof brothers.

Whether you like Fab or hate him at this point of his career, you have to appreciate these gym gems that he’s dropped over the past 12 years. There’s more than a handful that didn’t make the cut or that just slipped through the cracks but here’s a little glimpse at what connects Fab to the masses in the NBA

Grand Opening of Dream Downtown, PH-D Rooftop Lounge and Marble Lane Restaurant

“I’m driven by the bread, my push is the paper, I roll up like kush in the paper. I gotta be Kobe, you never see n***** like Smush in the paper, unless he got pushed into paper” -Suicide

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

“Now I can ride thru and scoop up a shooter, I find a n**** that ca spot up n pull like a hooper recruiter” -Get Yo Money

marshall henderson shot

“Ima hustler, you just a middle man to me. The way I pass the rock a make Jason Kidd a fan of me” -BK Style

Jason Kidd

“N***** say they Kings, yall ball from the booth. Me n Cain own the team, yall call us Maloof’s” -Just Grind


“Some say Ima baller because of my know how to blow fouls, the chain so blaow the girls go ‘WOW’. I’m Swift like Stromile with the flow now, but a n**** used to move the white like a snow plow” -Some Say


“N**** I’m something like a pimp, it’s somethin bout the limp, .40 on me somethin like I’m Kemp” -Can’t Let You Go Remix

shawn kemp 40 on me

“Keep yay wit the oyers, 2 kids on the block like when Mourning and Mutombo used to play with the Hoyas” -Now Ride

zo dikembe

“Only let the winners speak, money talks better make it count when ya speak. And how that broke man gone talk when, I’m ridin like this and he Antoine Walkin” -Money Talks

antoine walker struggle

“The hydro combined wit the chocolate a have ya eyes lookin like the tall dude who signed with the Rockets” -Now What

Yao Ming

“Can’t be like them n***** out here looking fat and gaudy, they ain’t never won no rings and then be mad at Horry” -Young OG

horry 7 rings

“Been playin with that green long as Paul Pierce, so you gotta ball harder than them ball players” -You Be Killin Em

piru pierce

“Y’all n***** know where my heat stay at, I leave n***** MIA and I ain’t talking where the Heat play at” “Keepin Gangsta”

brian grant miami heat

“Still keep it hood, ain’t no halfway sh**, could do a suit wit a fitted on some Draft Day sh**” -Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside

jalen rose draft day

“I’m raps Lebron James, I quickly see baskets, these scrubs wouldn’t make it to the Mickie D’s classic” -BK Style

bron mcdonalds

“I sit back and do a hater like garbage mail, I click em drag em and put em in the garbage pail. I’m working out n my arms are getting large as hell, might give u the chokehold like Kobe got from Raja Bell” -Myspace Freestyle

raja bell kobe fight

No way we talk about Fab’s hoop bars without mentioning this guest verse for Lil Bow Wow.


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