Kobe Speaks On His 3 Favorite Rap Albums, Being a Asshole, & His Rehab

Quick excerpt of the interview Kobe did in China with Mark Medina, Kob picks two Hov albums over both Illmatic & Ready to Die???:

“I think it’s curiosity,” Bryant said. “I don’t think it’s just in basketball. I think it’s in anything. You have curiosuty to constantly try to figure out ways to get better and constantly figure out ways you cabn learn from others. That includes your peers and includes other things outside of basketball. whether it’s art, music or whatever it may be, you try to find different ways to better yourself by looking at others.”

That’s why Bryant quickly offered a ranking on his favorite hip hop albums.

“I have to say Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt still remains my favorite album,” said Bryant, who entered the NBA in 1996 the same year that album was released. “American Gangster is a close second. Life After Death with Biggie Smalls. I’ll go with Reasonable Doubt.”

He also gives some insight onto his thoughts on leadership; he knows he’s hard to play with, and its intentional. Completely different from a Lebron, Magic mentality. See full after the jump.

Full Kobe Interview w/ Mark Medina


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