Marketing 101

“There’s one life, one love, so there could only be one King” -Nas

bron and nas

Lmao @ “Hold on we’ve been waiting for this”. This commercial and that subtle dunk at the end is all the fuel that Lebron haters needed to get geared up for the 2013-14 campaign.

Since entering the league Nike’s marketing of Lebron and everything involved with The King has been flawless. In a world where Kobe and KD consistently drop sneakers that cause us reply or RT with emoji flames, there is only one king.

Per Forbes Magazine: “The game’s most dominant player is also crushing the competition in stores, outselling his nearest rival’s signature sneakers 6-to-1”. In 2012 the Lebron X sold $300 compare that to the the $50 million that the second place Kobe 8’s sold. No competition, seriously.

Even with mixed reviews over the Lebron XI’s overall aesthetics…


They’ll more than likely do equal or greater numbers to that of the X in 2012.

That initial investment of $90 by Nike into Lebron may have been their best move to date as the sneaker and it’s technology has improved exponentially over the years, leading to sneaker sales that make Phil Knight’s daughter prime real estate.



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