Rap Game Like… Gym Gems: Action Bronson (@ActionBronson)

bronson knicks

Back 4 The Crown Baby, here’s another installment of Gym Gems with QU repper Action Bronsolino. It’s really been 4 years since Action Bronson has graced us with his wit and lyricism but if you’ve listened to just one song from him, chances are you’ve heard a basketball, baseball, wrestling, or football reference. He doesn’t miss a chance to flash us back to the glory days in the NBA and particularly the mid 90s for Knicks fans. Hell, he even gave us a mixtape titled after the classic Blue Chips! Just like Fab he grew up in NYC where hoops reign supreme over most other facets of life. Bars ranging from Rick Pitino, to Derek Harper and even Arvydas Sabonis, Bronson is a student of the game and we have to salute that.

“Orlando Magic warmup suits and black Shaq’s. ’95 younger Bronson on the fast track” -Imported Goods

*Notice the Walt Clyde Fraizer throwback too, Action was real from day one.

“Introducing, its Bronsolino. Wit my hair slickback I look like Rick Pitino” -Nana (Chance the Rapper)

Rick pitino slickback

“Look in my eyes you know I’m royal, hustle up some money like Sidney and Billy Hoyle. Puerto Rican shorty, features like she Rosie” -White Silk

sidney and billy hoyle

“Just a white man excelling in a black sport, like I’m Pistol Pete” -Contemporary Man

pistol pete

“I got a team of h*** like Pat Summit” -Nana (Chance the Rapper)

tennessee lady vols

“Affliction shirts and dress pants like I’m Oakley” -Expensive Pens

Andy Iriondo, Charles Oakley, & Navin Chatani

“I was born to rep you f***** wit a hornet’s nest, old shooters in the corner like Hornacek. Young boys that be handling the rock, Chris Paul dish off, hammer in the sock” -Meteor Hammer (Ghostface Killah)


“No socks inside the loafer cuz it’s tacky, at least I’m not up in Pataki’s, you catch me higher than a Shaq knee” -No Time

shaq hoopz

“I’m in the garden smokin roses, deliver like Malone I’m talkin Moses, part the ocean” -Time For Some

moses malone af1's

“She had the club foot, wit that little arm, I couldn’t help but laugh she ordered chicken parm. I had the full Bulls warmup with the Pippens on” -Nana (Chance the Rapper)


“Shorty gorgeous, daddy keep the wrist handsome, old and polished keep em jumpin like they Steve Francis” -Blue Chips

Steve Francis #3

“Shimmy in the GMC Jimmy, so I can make assists like Mike Bibby” -Strictly 4 My Jeeps Remix

bibby assist

“The Derek Harper with the low caesar, flow fever, more than likely diggin in ya h*** beaver” -Cocoa Butter

derek harper haircut

“Take a hit of drugs, then I’m passing like I’m Rondo” -White Silk

rondo pass

“260, 5’8″, the beard gumbo, 3 pointers in the park for a clean hundo” -The Stick Up

action bronson streetball

“Keylime fishing off the Yucatan, grab a barracuda higher than a parachuter, pair a shooters, Anthony and Harper” -103 and Roosy

anthony and harper

“I’m talkin 7 Series triplets b***** with military fitness, and my girl a shooter like Chamique Holdsclaw with coke in the door. She used to play ball for Christ the King, selling drugs got her the icy ring” -XXL Freshmen Cypher 2013

chamique holdsclaw shooting

“2 piece like Childs did to Kobe, catch me in the corner store quarters for Shinobi” -Auntie Maria’s Crib Rmx (Nitty Scott)

childs kobe

“You’re just a weed blow, I’m a full blown human, half my legs covered in Ewings” -Rare Chandeliers


“Yo if you see me look astonished. Ya boy is ill with the phonics since Gary Payton had the pill for the Sonics” -The Symbol

the glove

“Behind the back pass, Arvydas Sabonis. Rare intelligence, you know I’m smoking weed in diplomas” -Mike Vick

arvydas sabonis

“Game 7, Knicks-Heat, me and Spike had to switch seats cuz he kept spilling Henny on my b**** feet” -Alligator

spike lee heat


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