#DISRESPECTBACK: Scottie Pippen’s Dunk on Uncle Pat

pip on ewing

The Year: ’94

The Place: (The old) Chicago Stadium

Knicks v Bulls 1994 Eastern Conference Semi’s Game 6.

Think back to ’94, well if you can’t it’s cool. Scottie was THE MAN in Chitown. 1st Team All-NBA, 1st Team All-Defense. Easily his best individual season. No the Bulls didn’t win a chip this season and yes they did eventually bow out to the Knicks in the very next game. But this dunk was the icing on the cake for Scottie’s historic season. And in a way it symbolizes the New York Knicks making it damn near to the top and then the abrupt rejection (in this case a rejection would have been nice).

What makes the dunk so memorable is the the way that he steps over Uncle Pat and then heads directly to the sideline to tell Spike Lee to GTFOH. At least that’s what would’ve been said in the 2013 NBA. This is the definition of emphatic, who falls down after being dunked on?  In the words of Uncle Swish #DISRESPECTBACK.

And who better to walk us through this than the legend Hubert Brown.

Personal bias aside (Scottie is my favorite player all time) this is the greatest in game dunk EVER!


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