#DisrespectBack Skip (Rafer Alston) Slaps Eddie House

Rafer Alston, Eddie House

Game 2 of the 2009 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals (Orlando vs Boston).

Ok I think we can all think back to ’09, Dwight Howard was a legit monster, Hedo and Shard were the best 3/4 tandem in the league, Courtney Lee SEEMED like a budding star, but “Swish what about Jameer Nelson?”. Nah f*** Jameer (he was hurt), the Magic playoff run was orchestrated at the one by none other than Rafer (Skip to My Lou) Alston. Remember how he killed Mo Will in the East Finals?

But before all of that, they ran in to the defending NBA Champs (minus KG) in the 2nd Round. After losing Game 1, Doc Rivers being the genius he is inserts Eddie House an instant offense type player into the game. Durag lines and 31 points later the C’s walked away with a Game 2 W. But we don’t even remember that Eddie scored 31, why? Because of this….

This is a gem because it’s disrespect x2. First and foremost the slap in the back of the head is top 3 disrespectful things that can be done to you as a man, a punch in the face isn’t even that demoralizing. The smack in the back of the head is like “slow down lil n****” when you say something wild to your drunk uncle. The fact that Eddie scored 31 and got slapped in the back of his headband actually voided that win for the C’s.

“That’s what happens when you start bussin somebody ass” -Edward House

While the C’s fake lost on this day, Eddie did regain some country with this classic interview. This is the uncensored, raw, colorful NBA that we want back. Is that too much to ask?

“Disrespect Back” -Uncle Swish


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