Rap Game Like… Gym Gems: Cam’ron

Cam''Ron And The Diplomats

Back for another installment of Gym Gems, this time we head uptown NYC to the streets of Harlem to listen to Cam lay some audio jewels for us hoop fans. As most of us already know Cam was once a highly touted talent on the court himself (see Killa Season) who got caught up in the glitz and glamour of the street life (hear Sports, Drugs, and Entertainment) and lost all desires to make it big time. Luckily he never lost his love of the game and some of his references are a jewelry store if you grew up in NYC and it’s surrounding metropolis. Who else would throw the likes of Jamal Mashburn, Kenny Anderson in their lyrics and give odes to the famed Riverside Hawks and Gauchos in the Bronx AND shout out Marv Albert? We don’t slack!

“I could hoop yo All American my age group yo, raised bad settle for a Juco” -Sports, Drugs, and Entertainment”


“I hang wit Steinbrenner just to get my cash turn, call my car Jamal, it get Mash Burn” -Halftime Show

monster mash

“I’m hittin b***** like switches, ima top Wilt ‘Wilt who?’ That’s Chamberlain, mami became a friend said she had the lamest men, wanna know the game I’m in” -Purple Haze

wilt pimpin

“I’m Killa, you Andre Miller, got a basic game. I told ya b**** to hurry up we don’t wait for trains” -Cookin Up

Andre Miller splits Arizona's defense during NCAA upset. photo by Tom Smart

“Any beef marriage it, me and 3 Arabics, I lean Haseem on point like Pete Maravich, Shareef Abdur-Rahim gimme wild data, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Al Qaeda” -Gun Talk

shareef abdur rahim

“I pick up my intern like ‘Hi Drea” I keep her low like Bob Perry, so why pay her, when I f*** her like Marbury… Isiah” -Glitter

Memphis Grizzlies vs. New York Knicks

“Chill while I’m chasin millions ima baller that’ll murk you like Jayson Williams” -Ground Zero (Diplomats)

jayson williams murderer

“We Raiders of the Lost Ark I’m like a ballplayer I shake up and cross narcs, they get mad when I lay up in the Porsche Box” -Lord You Know

cam jim mase

“My accomplices, they remain anonymous, and they gon stay there  I swear, I’m what honest is. Honestly you thought I quit like Tomjanovich” -Leave You Alone

Rudy Tomjanovich Rockets

“Top balla in every state. In Chi I’m Mike, Boston I’m Kenny, in Miami I’m Timmy, in Phoenix I’m Penny” -What Means the World to You

kenny anderson boston

“Sireens… high beams… but I’m Kobe tonight got on five rings, salute n****” -Salute

5 rings kobe

“I was forced to eat, anything u lost I keep. Shot the fifth and then like a Piston, toss the Heat” -Killa Season Intro

piston toss heat

“Prepare for envy, I’m not in fear of any I leave a n**** black n blue like a pair of Penny’s” -357

penny foams again

“Been up in your favorite star’s stylist, coward bite on my hoes like Marv Albert” -357

marv albert bites

“Can’t get paid in a earth this big? You worthless kid, Cam don’t deserve to live. Back then I played for Gauchos, went over to Riverside, Young Life, Thurm left, we back over to Riverside. Blood played for Stone Gym that’s when I told him and Jim we ain’t ballin for real where’s the stone gems? Where’s the chrome rims? That’s when u changin lanes, here we change a lane we’ll gain a sprain, change the game” -More Reasons

riverside hawks

“Cats takin’ orders, clip Cam man, got revolvers dog our sh*** can’t jam, y’all like Muggsy tho y’all just can’t jam, ring bling bling, gun blam blam” -Six Figga Freestyle (Children of the Corn)

muggsy still can't jam

“I got plans that was better than jail, now look, we like Bird, Parish, Kevin Mchale. Scott, Worthy, Jabar and Magic ‘Oh my God it’s magic’. Isiah, Dumars, I will carve ya casket. Phil, Scottie n Mike. Phil, Shaq n Kobe. Gats will detach ya homie” -We Are The Champions (Dipset/Roc-A-Fella)

isiah n dumars

“Get it together, now now get my pape’s right come through late night I know what it tastes like ‘What’s that?’ Some good coke dog, go get your face pipe. Put on my Laker jersey then I go rape white ‘Number 8′” -Murda Murda (Julez Santana)

Kobe Bryant around Tracy McGrady

Guess they got the infamous “Gilessss” footage from Killa Season (The Movie) off of YouTube so just peep this one on one with my son from the Scream movies

Cool crossover Cam smh. This doesn’t have the same authenticity as the announcer calling his name in the chip and seeing Ma$e get carried off the court, sobbing.


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