Trying to be Pat Riley: The Wire

First and foremost shoutout to Undrcrwn for digging in the vaunted cellar of The Wire and creating these t shirts.

wire basketball

wire basketball 2 wire basketball 3

It’s ill how the game of basketball hits home in some of our all time favorite shows, or maybe it’s just evident to the writers of these shows that basketball is so important to us that they have to put it in ‘our’ shows as well.

I would just leave you with the snippet from Season 1 Episode 9 (where Avon and Stringer Bell bring their team from the Westside of Baltimore to play against ‘Proposition Joe’ and his Eastside team), but this is our only chance to salute the greatest show ever made so I’ll leave some more crystals for y’all to gaze over.

If Pusha T’s album is anything less than an 9.5/10 it’s a failure

All good things must come to an end…

SMH worst kill off in the history of TV EVER!!!


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