#DISRESPECTBACK: Tim Donaghy and Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals

The Year: 2002

The Game: Western Conference Finals Game 6 (Sac leads 3-2) @ Staples Center

The Outcome: LAL wins 106-102

Jesus Christ this is flagrant disrespect. Tim Donaghy is still sitting on some paper so he’s not even mad that he orchestrated this fiasco.

Lakers would go on to win Game 7 and then embarrass the East Rutherford Nets in the Finals.

To be honest I don’t really care that the Lakers won this chip (lie) and no one outside of Sac-Town cares either cuz why would we ever wanna see Doug Christie with a championship ring? But damn, you see something like this and you gotta think David Stern really was fixing the hell out of the WCF to generate some sort of ratings cuz the Finals were already written in stone….

worst ever

*This was the 2000 East All Stars but ain’t s*** change but the year on the Range.

Shaq and Kobe are a top 3 tandem ever but damn, imagine if they would have lost to the better team in this game and series as they should have!

Vlade Divac’s face at 3:40 is priceless. Vlade knew it was a joke, he knew they couldn’t win regardless of what they did. This is exactly what CWebb gets for that mini afro. I can’t even blame Tim Donaghy and the rest of the refs for taking that money.

Looking back in time, the NBA needed the Lakers to win, they needed the superstars to keep the game afloat and fans interested. They need us interested more than the game interesting. You can hate the f*** outta what I’m saying, I’m probably saying all of this outta spite, I am saying all of this out of spite but the Lakers should have halted at 2 chips. I will say that it should be very interesting seeing the playoffs next season without David Stern at the helm (even though I do respect how he took the game to heights unforeseen when he took over in 84). Its just sad that a truly great ‘small market’ team (San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation) like Sacramento had to bear the burden of this loss.

End of the day, we do need disrespect back but we don’t need this. The game is in a relatively good place, superstars, great teams, up and coming talent, and some heated rivalries, let’s just let it play out, we don’t have to hand it to the Heat for ratings/money next year.


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